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Why Can’t We Fire This Guy?

Robert Kando, the $143,131 executive director of the Board of Elections, must have compromising photographs of everybody — how else to explain this man’s continued survival. Due to be terminated today, the executive director was instead given a reprieve and ordered to take . . . management classes! Kando has been the executive director for […]

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Just Freaking Jail Them, Already

Way worse than blocking intersections: drunk driving. And it sickened me to read this in the ProJo of David Hazard, who killed a mother of six: [Scituate Deputy Police Chief Stephen Lang] said Hazard had eight previous arrests and had had his license suspended six times. He also was convicted in 2008 of refusing to

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Such a Pretty Little Package I Never Did See

I’m guessing little of Rhode Island’s FY 2010 budget is soothing. But a watercolor on the budget’s cover called “Leave Your Troubles Behind” is offsetting the despair (or at least has to be better for morale than, say, plywood-boarded homes). Kudos to artist Donna Kenney Kirwin for winning the 2009 “Scenes of RI” show with

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Is a new ‘Providence Sound’ in the works?

As Deer Tick and the Low Anthem keep writing great songs and march towards national recognition — with plaudits from critics all around — Providence is going to start to signify something a bit different to music fans: A little less new-wave and noisy, a little more “roots rock,” “pure Americana,” Waits, Dylan and Guthrie.

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“Jurisprudential Stuff”

Supreme Court Chief Justice Frank Williams surprised everyone when he announced Thursday that he will be stepping down from this coveted and prestigious post at the end of the month.  And while the legal community may be stunned, I doubt they are terribly sad.  And now the delightful personality of this tedious jackass is on

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Providence Roller Derby New Site Design

We’re proud to present the newly redesigned with more of what you love. Below you’ll find a brief introduction to our new design and what it has to offer. Simple, Clear and Consistent – Providence Roller Derby has made every effort to create a Web site that’s simple, clear and consistent. No matter where

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Networks 2008 – Art Opening!

Straight up! Watch some movies about some local peoples you know. You can also rent them at the library, i think. For serious. Here’s the press release: Networks 2008 Reception: Friday, November 21st 5pm-7pm Reception free for Newport Art Museum Members, $10 for Non-Members Griswold House and Cushing Galleries The Newport Art Museum 76 Bellevue

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Thanks, Lieutenant Governor.

I like Elizabeth Roberts. Some people think the only solution to our state’s current economic crisis is to rile up anti-immigrant sentiments and chat on talk radio about how much he would love to eliminate the state income tax. It’s nice to see someone up top paying attention to real solutions for building Rhode Island’s

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