Airport Stuffies

Yum. It must be all the holiday travel because I have suddenly heard from three different people — all traveling through LAX — about this installation. The Rhode Island Commerce Corporation launched a promotional campaign a few months ago in key flight markets such as Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore, and Los Angeles. I missed this initiative

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Go Rams!

And let’s hear it for Land Grant Colleges! Given what we are learning about the pernicious effects of money in the world of Ivy League sports, how about cheering for a school you don’t have to bribe your way into! The Rams will be playing St. Bonnies (17-15) at 1pm today on CBSS. Player of

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cartoon by Randall Munroe

“Size of Rhode Island” Comparison Gets Scientific

Rhode Islanders are no strangers to comparisons of objects to the size of our state. Our diminutive 1,212 square miles of quirk has been fodder for jokes for years. Thus, it’s refreshing to have scientist Randall Munroe, who pens the webcomic XKCD, use the power of “the size of Rhode Island” for good (kind of).

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Go Rams!

We beat the Hens. We beat the Great Danes. Bring on the Huskies! The URI Rams are 2-0 going into today’s game against Connecticut, streaming at noon on ESPN3. Providence residents may not be aware that they can beef up their home team wardrobe here in town at the URI Campus Shop in the old

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