‘Duck & Bunny’ Disappears On Easter

Outrage on social media has been swift. The turn-of-the-century building that housed the Duck & Bunny restaurant on Wickenden Street was demolished this past Easter weekend. Yes, the irony is rich, but property owners often destroy lovely buildings and beloved trees during holidays, a time when neighbors and students are less likely to come pouring

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Thayer Street Army/Navy Surplus To Close

The end won’t come till the middle of December, but the going-out-of-business sale had people lining up in the rain today. Cash only/all sales final. Where will we go for our bandanas and bajas, warm mittens and wool watch caps. From their Facebook page: To all our loyal customers and friends Thayer Street Army-Navy will

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The Next Day

Hope it’s the last. The Mayor has called for a 9pm to 6am curfew for the next week. I went to check on my favorite stretch of Westminster Street this afternoon. The panels here are leaning against  Mokban Korean Bistro which lost several big windows. Eno Fine Wines got hit, but I’m not sure to

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