Why Is This But A Passing Note On Drudge?

We’re getting so damn close… A laboratory robot called Adam has been hailed as the first machine in history to have discovered new scientific knowledge independently of its human creators. Adam formed a hypothesis on the genetics of bakers’ yeast and carried out experiments to test its predictions, without intervention from its makers at Aberystwyth

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You’re swimming in it

Save the Bay will be holding a fundraiser Saturday night to honor the Narragansett Bay Commission for the aforementioned tunnel project.  Drinks, food, lame music.. you know the drill.  I’m assuming they will have pictures of the project on display because it really is quite stupendous. It’s amazing to think that this enormous engineering project

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Wednesday — Providence Underground

Yes, we are running an ad for this event. But lest you think we’re whoring ourselves out by posting about it too, please remember that we have a well-established track record of covering sewage (poo) news — and particularly bacterial loads/fecal matter content in the Bay. (We hear that the CSO is indeed working, and

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