Shit shows

And… It’s Over.

The Senate voted 36-2 in favor of the anti-prostitution bill tonight. As soon as the governor signs it–which he will, soon– it’s official: trading sex for money indoors is over. Immediately. This, despite the fact that the bill (and its harsh penalties) saw opposition from both the Rhode Island Coalition Against Human Trafficking and Day

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The Final Loaded!

[youtube]mZpUcp-wgKM[/youtube] Friends, the end is nigh: tomorrow’s LOADED! will be the very last. For almost two years it has been our pleasure to share with you our record collection and to dance and drink away the pain of having worked a whole two days into the week, and we would be honored if you could

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Tonight: Insipid Kitsch

After repeated failures to get us a write-up, we’ve simply stolen the above and below from the event’s Facebook page. Details follow. Suffice it to say, it’ll be a shit show, in all ways, good and bad: On Friday December Vth 2008 Insipid Kitsch Unveils Itself @ 7PM——Why Are All These Words CAPITALIZED? ——They say

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