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‘Thinking Out Loud’ At ICERM

(11.8) Up, up, and away! Arlie Petters, professor of mathematics, physics and economics, unveils how cosmic shadows carry clues about the existence of extrasolar planets and a possible fifth dimension in ‘Thinking Out Loud: Cosmic Shadows, Other worlds and a Fifth Dimension’ this Thursday at the Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM).

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Hedy Lamarr Story At Cable Car

(11.5) How smart was actress Hedy Lamarr? In 1941 she and her friend, pianist George Antheil, secured a patent for frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology that could prevent torpedo guidance systems from getting jammed. So yeah, pretty damn smart. No biggie, just trying to help defeat the Nazis. This spread spectrum technology ended up revolutionizing mobile

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‘Modeling The Melt’ At ICERM

(4.27) The Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics (ICERM) presents a lecture by Ken Golden titled “Modeling the Melt.” Golden, who is often described as the “Indiana Jones of Mathematics,” will discuss how the precipitous loss of Arctic sea ice has far outpaced expert predictions. This man keeps pretty heady company. In 2014,

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Brown Prof On BrainGate Team — Advances In Mind-Typing

This is nuts! BrainGate, a team of physicians, scientists, and engineers, including a neuroscientist in the Brown School of Engineering, has developed a brain-computer interface (BCI) that allows people with paralysis to type using only brain control. No more blinking. According to the ProJo (2.22.17) three individuals — one with a spinal cord injury, and

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‘Science Denial’ Lecture At Brown

(2.16) Biology professor Kenneth R. Miller will deliver a lecture titled “Science Denial: from Anti-Vaxers and Climate ‘Skeptics’ to the Ark Park — Why it Continues and Why it Matters,” as part of the Reaffirming University Values series. Miller’s research work on cell membrane structure and function has produced more than 60 scientific papers and

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Spelling Bee At AS220

(1.28) We knew he couldn’t stay away. Spelling is much like the Mafia. Just when you think you’ve gotten out, it’ll just keep pulling you back in. Bee Maestro and Word-Knower Nonpareil, Matthew Lawrence, sent out this invitation via his weekly ‘Law & Order Party’ email blast (which you should get). I’m hosting the Providence

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