Get your knickers ready

The Providence Grays are back, with their crazy olde no-gloves baseball. Though they apparently have no qualms about promoting themselves via the internet. Come on, guys: The web didn’t exist in the 1880s — Al Gore wasn’t even in diapers yet. All that temporal dissonance begs the obvious question: What’s the team policy on ‘roids?

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Our resident Eagles fan says ‘awesome’

Bucks County Congressman Patrick Murphy, D-8, has taken the rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants to Capitol Hill. On Wednesday, the House passed a resolution congratulating the New York Giants on winning this year’s Super Bowl “and completing one of the most remarkable postseason runs in professional sports history.” The resolution

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Annual NBA Bacchanal Descends on New Orleans

No other event in the American sporting scene quite captures the essence of sports like the NBA All-Star game. Where else could you find flashy rich white dudes from New Jersey bobbing their heads to Mary J. Blige? Where else could you find the amazing confluence of corporate corporate glad-handing and palm-greasing and other innuendo

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Hailing Mary

Projo goes loopy again. Thankfully, everybody says that in fact, no, praying won’t make the Patriots win. But that don’t mean the question doesn’t warrant a front page story: As the New England Patriots face the New York Giants in tomorrow’s Super Bowl, countless fans will, no doubt, seek divine help for their teams. But

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