Tax Hike Rally And City Council Meeting

Attention landlords and renters! The recent tax hike on non-owner occupied rental property affects the property owners and their tenants alike. It is well to remember that not many landlords around here are evil absentee tycoons  — many are small investors. One such property owner has just contacted us here. Artist Peter Gemei has this

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Seeking A Plaintiff…

UPDATE: It’s looking like a few different entities are heeding the call, including the Providence City Council, and the City of Woonsocket.  This is very good news, which’ll help keep the schools funded and the streets plowed.  Updates to follow. ORIGINAL, 2/03: Would somebody please sue the State over this already? Essentially, Rep. Scott Guthrie

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The “Gideon Initiative”

I’ve been writing for the Huffington Post here-and-there of late. Just authored this piece with my FairVote colleague Rob Richie. John Gideon was a prominent voting rights activist who sadly passed on Monday night.  Rob proposes a “Gideon Initiative” which would rein in voting equipment contractors — who stymie electoral reform, increase chances of malfeasance,

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Employment Opportunity: Torch And Pitchfork Salesman

Citing as inspiration the ravings of aggrieved hedge fund veep, tv “journalist,” and self-proclaimed everyman Rick Santelli, a bunch of Republico-“populist” types are going to be rallying at the State House on Tax Day. These jokers are claiming the mantle of the silent majority, as they oppose a stimulus plan that a large majority of

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