He’s no Bob Barker

As my Friday evening wastes away– Harry was right, when he told me that the new Price is Right just feels like an awkward dream sequence from the Drew Carey Show: [youtube:] And do his hard-core libertarian values mean he’s not even down to “help us control the pet population”?

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Last Week’s “Lost”: Incredibly Awesome, Scientifically Sound

I think it’s safe to say that last week’s episode of Lost was one of the best so far this season, what with fan favorite Desmond Hume’s mind being hurled back and forth through time, horribly confusing him and basically annoying everyone else. But! It was romantic! Oh, sci-fi. However, supernerds over at Popular Mechanics

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c’mon, they’ve been writing

I suppose good writers can’t just turn their brains off for 12 weeks, and if a good idea popped into their heads who could blame them for jotting down a few notes in the fog of their bathroom mirrors. All I know is that last night’s Saturday Night Live was pretty damn good. Not many

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on tv tonight

‘The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman’ Tuesdays 8 – 8:30/ on the IFC/in reruns for now This show stars, and is written by, the most excellent Laura Kightlinger, co-starring the scrumptious Nicholle Tom. I love these gals and I love this show. Often compared to that other show but in a whole different league. NSFW

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Horseshoe Crab Awareness

The Providence Journal reports that filmmaker Allison Argo* will be screening her latest film, Crash — a Tale of Two Species, tomorrow night at Wheeler School. Her Emmy-winning documentaries, which have been airing on the PBS series Nature for many years (this one debuted last night), include Chimpanzees; An Unnatural History and The Urban Elephant

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Will They Remember Soy Bomb?

Tonight is the 50th anniversary of the Grammy Awards. On the schedule is a special tribute to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band which I’m sure will be ghastly. All hope of a spontaneous unscripted moment was abandoned years ago… but wait… there’s hope. CBS is teasing a live feed from London featuring Amy Winehouse!

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Say It Isn’t So!

Last Friday Scottish-born late-night talk show host Craig Ferguson became an American citizen, thereby removing the final impediment to our happy future together. But alas, he announced last night on his show that he has been tapped for that insidious enemy of American democracy, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner!!! The last of this species should

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Providence v Providence

For those who missed it during the big game, this was a nice commercial with a hometown flavor: [youtube:] But, us being whiny liberals and all, it provides us with the opportunity to highlight Coke’s record of facilitating human rights violations, and complicity in the murders of several union activists: Listed below are union leaders

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WPRI to pay $30 million to station fire victims

This is one of the more strange elements of the Station fire story:  The tentative agreement, confirmed by Channel 12 (WPRI-TV) yesterday, follows allegations that the station’s cameraman, Brian Butler, paused in an exit to film the chaos as patrons were trying to escape. Lawyers for roughly 300 survivors and victims’ families said the delay

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