Sebastian Unger At Brown

(11.28) Sebastian Unger, author of The Perfect Storm and War, will host a screening and discussion of the National Geographic documentary “Hell on Earth.” In the new documentary Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS from National Geographic Documentary Films, filmmakers Sebastian Junger and Nick Quested meticulously identify the forces that led to the …

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‘Peace Is The Only Adequate War Memorial’

(11.11) Meet ceramist and Gulf War veteran Ehren Tool, a U.S. Marine from 1990 to 1994 and currently in the Ceramic Department at UC Berkeley. This is from his artist statement at The National Veterans Art Museum. Peace is the only adequate war memorial. All other war memorials are failures at best and are usually …

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‘The Unknown Known’ At Cable Car

Not a care in the world. We should force all future presidents, all members of Congress, and all Cabinet members, to watch an Errol Morris double-feature: “The Fog of War” and “The Unknown Known.” From the New York Times review, Unlike Robert S. McNamara, another former defense secretary who sat for a portrait in front …

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Miyazaki’s ‘The Wind Rises’ At The Cable Car

Animation fans and WWII aviation buffs alike will be drawn to Hayao Miyazaki’s Oscar-nominated film, “The Wind Rises” — his first feature directorial effort in five years. According to the Los Angeles Times the film has already stirred controversy back in Miyazaki’s native Japan. In stark contrast to Miyazaki’s fantasy-based animated family movies such as …

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Regret To Inform You

This is how it was done and it was weeks before they had any details. Meanwhile their other son was over there as well. My father had lost an eye and was awarded the Purple Heart. Both brothers returned home.

Memorial Day

Writer of the ProJo Veterans Journal, George Reilly, provides an interesting history of the Memorial Day holiday and how it came to be. Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day and was celebrated in response to the unprecedented carnage of America’s Civil War in the early 1860s. Some 620,000 Union and Confederate soldiers lost their …

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