Poetry At Ada Books

(9.21) The Return of Publicly Complex Presents: Poetry. Krystal Languell and Rangi McNeil engorge Ada’s airwaves with poetry sounds while avid listeners ensure that no snack is left behind. And it’s all free! 6pm to 8pm, Saturday, September 21, Ada Books, 717 Westminster Street, Facebook

Trinity Rep 2013 Student Playwriting Competition

Application deadline February 1st for the Trinity Rep Student Playwriting Competition. Grades 9 through 12 only. Trinity Rep’s Education Department is again hosting the ‘Write Here, Write Now!’ competition for young playwrights. Students from all New England high schools are invited to submit an original short play (6–10 pages) by February 1st, 2013. Entries will …

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Spelling Bee At AS220

(6.27) The 6th Annual ‘Not About the Buildings’ Spelling Bee has been rescheduled, having been postponed from an earlier date. Apparently Master of Ceremonies Matthew Lawrence lost his voice for seven days during which time it can be assumed his good friends tormented him mercilessly. Happily, Mr. Lawrence has found his voice and an open …

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If you did not just strike a dopey hip-hop pose then this book may not be for you. Finally, crossword puzzles for a new generation of wordy nerds who have never heard of Uta Hagen and Mel Ott. Now, I’m not sure whether a Huey Lewis reference can ever be used to prove hipness (kind …

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Should Hip Hop Artists Be Accountable For Their Words?

Author Michael Eric Dyson (“Know What I Mean?” and “Is Bill Cosby Right?” ) and finance professor, public scholar, and political commentator Boyce Watkins will take on this controversial topic Thursday at Brown University. An international phenomenon, hip hop music has arguably transformed the artistic and cultural landscape of our generation. While it is widely …

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*********************************************************************************** I’m not often accused of being in league with the PC police, but this just seems so . . . unsophisticated at this point. Who says this?

Spelling Bee Fundraiser At AS220

Come down to AS220 tonight, Monday, June 6, for the fifth annual Not About the Buildings Spelling Bee. This invite comes from master of ceremonies, Matthew Lawrence, who was spotted two days ago buying yet another dictionary. Relive your childhood glories and/or traumas at AS220 while competing for fabulous prizes. Speller registration starts at 8:30 …

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Save The Date — June 6 Spelling Bee

Can you write in the air? When two vowels go walking, who does the talking? Can you spell ‘fun’? Then pull up your diphthong and get in the Bee. Not About The Buildings’ 5th Annual Spelling Bee Fundraiser is once again happening at AS220. There will be fame, honor, glory, and prizes for one smartypants …

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What’s Black And White And Brown All Over?

This week’s crossword puzzles in The New York Times. We wrote about NYT crossword constructor, Natan Last, over a year ago when he brought famous puzzle editor Will Shortz to town for a special competitive event. Now this puzzle savant and Brown junior is making news again. According to The Providence Journal, this is ‘Brown …

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