Divinely Chosen

For many of us, the Governor Sanford debacle was the first we heard mention of C Street, the Christian fellowship house on C Street in Washington D. C.  It was where he turned to find ‘support’ and where he undoubtedly found it.  For an organization that holds Hitler and Pol Pot in high esteem, a …

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Yucky The Bear

Can I report a statue to the SPCA? It’s bad enough that this poor guy is wearing a collar like those wretched Russian circus bears, but he is clearly quite ill. The statue was donated to Brown University by Theodore Francis Green and is tucked away on Magee Street for fairly obvious reasons.

Where’s Elisabeth Shue When You Need Her?

Swansea parents might want to think again next time they try to attend a town meeting with kids in tow:  the South Coast Herald reports that they won’t be allowed inside. April Sousa wasn’t allowed inside a special town meeting on Monday, because she couldn’t find a sitter and made the grievous error of bringing …

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