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Education and professional experience/science and the law. Likes metal.

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Providence Daily Dose brings you the news you can use.

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David's trying to figure out what to do with his life.

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Chronicler of ridiculousness.

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I'm small and hairy, and I like to watch.

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John Taraborelli is the author of 30 Minute Meals with Rachel Ray and several of the Federalist Papers. Some of his lesser known work appears in Providence Monthly. His best-selling novel has yet to be published, written, or even imagined, but still manages to be cheaply derivative of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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Leslie "PVD" Friedman was born October 16th, 1981 in Providence, Rhode Island. She has lived here her whole life with the exception of a 2.5 year stint in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Leslie studied political theory and practices silk-screen printmaking at her studio at the Grant in Pawtucket, RI. She can solve the Rubiks Cube in less than 2 minutes.

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My name is Matthew and I am on the internet a lot.

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I also work at WaterFire Providence, but just to be clear this website has absolutely no connection to that organization. Any opinions expressed on the Providence Daily by myself or any other contributor should in in no way be considered as any affiliation whatsoever with WaterFire Providence.

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Wesli, or someone like her, is a freelance writer, editor, and researcher; founder and executive director of Providence Community Radio; and senior editor of The Agenda; the crackling narrative talent behind such stirring sagas as "A Fare Choice: How Rhode Island Can Invest in Public Transit and Energy Independence." She is also an amateur novelist with several incomplete crappy works, and is Rhode Island coordinator for National Novel Writing Month. She's an acceptable singer, a forgivable cook, and a truly awful bassist, with a taste in alcohol beyond her means and a mean addiction to coffee. She dresses like every day is laundry day, and can often be found taking up valuable space and bogarting AS220's only power outlet.

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Will Emmons thinks they should start calling her Powerwoman instead of Powergirl. She's the Chair of the Justice Society and she's been around since the '70s. He also wants to join Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters. Uncle Sam is clearly one of the top ten most bad ass superheroes. He hopes his friends don't think he's a sell out for joining a government-sponsored superhero team. He also knows that the coolest two regular members of the Justice League are the Flash and Zatanna.

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