Amuse My Bouche

In culinary terms, the amuse bouche refers to the tiny bite-sized morsel that precedes the first course, an introduction of the chef and preview of the meal to come. Amuse My Bouche refers to the food column that you find here on Providence Daily Dose, promising local restaurant reviews, Providence food&bev industry gossip, and general …

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Thanksgiving week hodgepodge of happenings

There’s way more going on this week than there probably should be — here’s some of it. [Perhaps one of my co-contributors will post about some of the rest… ahem. 🙂 ] AT LOCAL 121 (Which is now pretty much just a night club): Tues- Loaded =Brit pop, brought to you by the Daily Dose …

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Get in the freaking spirit already

Thank goodness for the Internet. Here’s the Care Bears float from the 1985 Macy’s parade: [youtube:] A big improvement over 1984, when the world was much more pixelated: [youtube:]

Four Lads (not They Might be Giants)

This is for Beth, who one day soon will start writing for this blog. They Might be Giants are great and all, but they definitely weren’t the first to make the song famous. Unless the were singing under a different name in 1953: [youtube:]

Overnight parking push still in limbo

Projo has the story on last night’s meeting in College Hill on overnight parking, in the context of the broader effort. Important point here: College Hill has traditionally been considered a bastion of anti-overnight parking sentiment, but last night a straw poll of those in the audience at the end of the meeting came out …

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Obama up in Iowa

As you’ve maybe seen by now, Obama appears to be leading Hillary Clinton in Iowa, 30-26%. He’s been trending upward, and hopefully that’ll continue — it’s great news for anybody who doesn’t like dynastic governance, status-quo politics, or cynicism to the max. (Disclaimer: I by no means think Obama is ideal.  But he seems to …

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Daily Dose Holiday Party

  As I extricate myself from the clutches of this insomnia, I’ll leave you with one more post. We really appreciate the thousands (yes — actually thousands) of you who keep on reading our rantings and ravings, and we thought that the holiday season would provide a good excuse for us to figure out exactly …

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Should probably acknowledge that holiday that's coming up

 And will do so by reminding you that just two days remain until Bush names and pardons the turkey charged with repopulating its species by this time next year. Lots of fun to humanize the birds, right before we devour their flesh, ain’t it? You can vote on what to name this year’s lucky fowl, …

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News Slap!

Record number of utility shut-offs in RI this year. Racial profiling still a huge problem in RI Environment America gives us a shiny a Gold Star Be afraid, be very afraid. Of deer. Good guy Bud Cicilline wins Dem primary for rep in Newport

New Zox album in a month

  Friends-of-blog (or friends-of-friends-of-blog) Zox are about to release Line in the Sand. New tunes up on their myspace page. narrative essay writing If we hadn’t been so crazy last week, we might’ve remembered to tell you about the show they played at Club Hell on Thursday. Dates for their mini-tour are on their web site.

About those layoffs:

There are a couple of points that I think are deserving of more prominent mention in the debate about the Governor’s proposal to layoff 500-plus state workers. 1) In spite of rampant assertions that Rhode Island’s government is especially bloated, we already have very few state employees per capita: Yet when viewed in proportion to …

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Dear Gordon, I’m sorry

 Two months ago, before most of you suckers started reading this blog, I posted in praise of the Colonel, couched in a rant about how intolerable I find Gordon Brown. But now I feel like an ass, having been taught by Dan that our new Prime Minister is so tediously boring largely because he can’t …

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Two-weeks’ notice: Fox Point garden fundraiser

The Fox Point Community Garden will be holding its first fundraiser on December 3rd from 7-10 PM at the Portuguese Sporting Club at 92 Gano St. The garden just finished up its second season, with 120 plots tended by hundreds of people. And thousands of butterflies. There’ll be music and food and auctions and such. …

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Purrty purrty Providence

As I was saying, I’m obsessed with city sky-lines. And my favorite feature of the mish-mash that is the city’s website is its photo gallery section. Journal photog Sandor Bodo is my personal fave. His simple but striking compositions bring out the best of the cityscape, and show something new even to those of us …

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