J.R. Rocks Listening Party Tonight

Tonight at Local 121, Tim O’Keefe‘s resurrected :Listening Party:, with special guest and man-about-town J.R., pictured here with his wives. Tim O’keefe has always played a bewildering array of music, and with this run of his beloved night he seems to focus on lots of genre-defying British and European underground rock and electro from the

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Young Dems tomorrow night

In between all the other holiday madness, please note that the RI Young Democrats are having their fundraiser tomorrow night. From RIFuture: Starting at 6:00pm, the RI Young Democrats will be holding their annual fundraiser at the new Cuban Revolution at 60 Valley St. in Providence. Click here for the invite and to see their

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Urban Planet Holiday Party

The Providence Urban Planet crew will be holding its annual holiday party on Thursday.  Your chance to get sloshed, and talk about whether you like or dislike David Brussat: One of my other hats is being the Moderator at the UrbanPlanet Rhode Island forums. Last year we had a great Holiday Gathering at the Red

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Bring that Shine back to the Jewelry District

This Tuesday (today!) our very own glittering Jewelry District will be holding an open house on the future development of the district as well as the old harbor area, at the Providence Children’s Museum, 100 South Street. At 7pm the Cecil group will be giving a short presentation but anyone is welcome to stop by

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Don’t Forget: Mistle-Dose Party This Thursday

 Please join us as we celebrate the season, our friends, the spirit of giving, and more importantly our first three months online. Has it been that long? Seems like two. Rest assured there will be no local celebrities appearing at this party. And, as previously mentioned, this is a dress-to-impress type party so wear your

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More nutty Projo editorials

These are staff editorials, mind you, not random letters to the editor. I have a personal prohibition against giving the Journal money, so I’ve just cut and pasted the free abstracts from the archives. This one’s just about the strangest thing I’ve ever seen: Big Brother at the orgy Date: Apr 30, 2005 Section: Editorial

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Projo’s Whacked-Out Take on the Race for Prez

Stranger stuff has certainly appeared on their editorial page, but the Jerz points us towards their awkward piece, “The Campaign so Far.” They describe Sen. Barack Obama as follows: “He often comes across as a pleasant, thoughtful member of a Unitarian discussion group in a rich suburb.” And in describing Bill Richardson, they assert: “His

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1 list, 2 list. Red list, blue list.

As I was saying, city lists seem to be super-fashionable. And here’s the mother load. Rhode Islanders like to drink. And there are plenty of places to do it. They also really like John Kerry. There are lots of restaurants, but, even so, females around here tend not to weigh very much. Condos cost a

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