RI Presidential Primary

Chris Barnett from the Secretary of State’s Office would like you to know: Rhode Islanders will have a lot of choices when it comes to the state’s March 4 presidential primary. Ten Democrats and 10 Republicans filed Statements of Intent to compete for their party’s nomination by today’s 4 p.m. deadline. The Republicans are Hugh […]

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Genuine Progress

As a frequent traveller to New York, I’ve been dreaming of this day for some time. The escalator in the Providence train station is, at long last, back in service! If you’re a PVD-based Amtrak traveller, you probably noticed that the escalator to tracks 1 and 2 stopped working about three years ago. Despite a

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We’re number 10!

Ian’s got a knack for being the first to find all these godforsaken lists. BizJournals.com knows what fun looks like, and apparently we’re 10th-best at having it. We’re in the top ten in the food, culture, and “low impact sports” categories. (Which I think means kickball?) Surely inclusion of a (conspicuously absent) “strip clubs” category

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Muppet Bolt

This isn’t that good, but given the amount of puppet-centric material on our site, it’s probably important to note that this insanity comes up tenth if you search for “Muppets” on Youtube: [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFGBZRprwKI]

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Gore Tubes It To Oslo

Former Vice President Al Gore and wife Tipper heroically took public transportation to the Nobel ceremony in Oslo, snubbing the gas-obliterating, planet-killing motorcade that all the other brainiacs had no problem taking, because they hate Earth. If he really wanted to impress people, he’d have ridden a bike, and worn all those tight neon pants,

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Live Tonight: Major Stars, Sightings, The Body

Presented by B Sharp, the greatest music gear shop in the universe, tonight Boston’s Major Stars release their 6th (!) album, Mirror/Messenger (Drag City). Also on the bill, Brooklyn’s Sightings, whose newest Through The Panama (Load) was produced by Andrew WK. And that’s some cred, people. Hear a stream of the awesome track “Perforated” here.

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Cape Verdean recording studio brings its full roster to Tazza

I don’t have a ton of info on this showcase, but its a safe bet that it’s all gonna be pretty stellar. It seems like Southern New England may have taken all the venerable Cape Verdean artists that tiny Cabo Verde has to offer the world. Lucky for us that means Notera Studios is a

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Wild Porcelain at Perishable

And if you can’t get enough of Black Rep’s affiliate artists, Stephen Baucher, of Workhorse Theatre Co has a new project in the second half of its two-week run at Perishable. Wild Porcelain is an absurd physical comedy. Spoken in Dutch, Spanish and English, the story takes audiences to the top of a mythical mountain

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Black Rep’s newest work in progress is an Afro-Diasporic bricolage

If you didn’t catch Black Rep’s “Two Can Play,” you missed the first performance in a season of thought-provoking, heart-wrenching, sometimes even hilarious American stories. This weekend, on Friday and Saturday at 8pm for $5 and Sunday at 3pm for the people’s pay-what-you-can matinee, Donald King and Black Rep’s affiliate artist company premiere a workshop

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I confess — I was a ska kid once.

And so I’m unduly psyched about this month’s Mighty Mighty Bosstones reunion. The usual stint at the Middle East, plus a one-day detour to Providence! (New Years eve, w/Zox.) After an almost 4 year hiatus the best-dressed band from Boston (Dicky Barrett-Vocals, Joe Gittleman-Bass, Ben Carr-The Bosstone, Joe Sirois-Drums, Tim Burton-Saxophone, Roman Fleysher – Saxophone,

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All you hoodlums — stay the hell outta Foster

From the paper of record: FOSTER — Patrolman John Forrest still had the small, red marks from where the two sharp, needle-like probes lodged in his skin. It had been hours since he was shot with a stun gun, but there they were, one mark on his upper right shoulder, the other on his lower

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Mother, is that you?

If you know you hate Beowulf, then there are plenty of other monster-in-the-mead-hall movies to choose from. But if it’s the 3-D/ motion capture technology that puts you off, this is the movie to change your mind. It’s a real cool place to spend a few hours, although transitioning back into the real world is

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City Arts Gala

Friday, December 7th – Providence City Arts 10th Annual All That Glitters Gala 10th Anniversary Celebration and Online Auction! Music by Eight to the Bar…Fine Foods by Freakin’ Nana’s…..Silent and Live Auction…Entertainment Galore with Ten 31 Productions and Big Nazo!!! Held at the American Locomotive Works 555 Valley St. Join the auction fun and online

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