Dept. Of That’s Depressing has just issued a report about the best and worst cites for singles in the US. Hmmm, guess which end of the spectrum Providence is on! That’s right, out of 40 cities ranked, Providence is #40, below such places as Columbus, Milwaukee and Cleveland. Cleveland. Quoth Forbes: Of course, being single is about much […]

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Local Excellence: The ‘Mericans

Years ago, there was a band called Purple Ivy Shadows whose music was a dreamy, folky electric pop and whose songs and records were quiet and beautiful. Chris Daltry headed up a rotating ensemble which included Velvet Crush‘s Jeffery Underhill, small factory’s Alex Kemp and Phoebe Summersquash, Frank Mullin and many many others. Their delicate

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Jersey Girls Talk Ish

As per most everyone in the world, we here at the Dose have sex on the brain. And problems. We’ve enlisted two real-ass broads to help you with your relationship quagmires, and in the interest of anonymity, we’ll refer to them as S&M. Got a question for the girls? Hit ’em where it hurts:

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Projo Nightlife Blog: The Horrors

Let’s check in with Jaime Millmather, the Journal’s punctualization-and-capitalization-impaired “nightlife” “writer”, whose text message-like reports from the frontlines are all, im in ur barz, drinkin ur cozmoez. What’s going on with Jaime this week? Well, she stays up drinking until 6:30 and has to work at 7, which is kind of badass. Also, She has

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Thursday Morning

Good morning Providence. Thursdays are heavy on the music at the Dose, we’ve got lot’s of listings coming at you, lot’s of new stuff and the debut of Jersey Girls Talk Ish, our questionable relationship advice column, later in the AM. Plus it’s going to be hot out there, so stay inside with us all

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Gallery Night tomorrow

Tomorrow’s the first Gallery Night since we started crackin’. Highlights are said to include: HIGHLIGHTS: China Then and Now (URI Feinstein Providence Campus Gallery); Malcolm Furlow Experience (Gallery at 17 Peck); Jukai, an Architectural Installation by Yumi Kori (Bell Gallery); Art League of Rhode Island (Providence Art Club); Faculty exhibition (Bannister Gallery); Paintings by Michele

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That Takes Ovaries!

Planned Parenthood’s event tomorrow night, at Local 121: That Takes Ovaries! September 20th, 2007 at 7pm to 9pm @ Local 121 in Downtown Providence 121 Washington Street Providence, RI 02903 Planned Parenthood of Rhode Island’s Open Mike Night and fundraiser based on the book That Takes Ovaries. We’ll be sharing personal stories about situations when

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Protests Gone Wrong

Column: The Malcontent by John Taraborelli It seems that there has been a rash of protests gone wrong lately. The Bush years have provided us with countless protest-worthy offenses, and certainly protesting, and the right to it, has played a vital role in our country’s history. Sometimes the ugly abuses of people in power require

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News Of The World

I like to get a good Queen reference out there before 10 if I can. Spector jury deadlocked (HuffPo) Finally, Chuck Norris weighs in on troop surge. (Examiner) Nebraska Senator sues God (HuffPo) Radio host to Katrina victims: Stop Yer Whining (Media Matters) PROV: DOT workers like really lame porn (Projo)

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Good Morning Providence

This week is like neverending. Thanks for checking in, good stuff out there today and I’ll start by announcing the arrival of two new regular columns that we’re very excited about. First, John Taraborelli is The Malcontent; he’s cranky and he has opinions. John’s been posting here since the beginning (last week) and also writes

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Buddy And De Niro? I Just Fainted A Little!

From Ian Donnis over at Not For Nothing: Former Providence mayor Buddy Cianci — who is slated to resume his career as a talk-show host this Thursday — says he has been in talks with Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Films about a possible movie deal. The revelation comes in an interview that will be published

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