Scrabble Night at Julian’s

My tomorrow night belongs to the East Providence First Ward Democratic Committee. But on most Mondays, I belong to Scrabble night at Julian’s. 318 Broadway, 7pm. Best memorize your two’s and three’s, and expect dirty looks if you try to play a 3- or 4-player game. But otherwise, it’s a welcoming crowd and a great

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Controversial win for the Holy Rollers

In case anybody was wondering, I think the highlights of the Providence Kickball League championship afternoon looked something like this*: Cunning Baffling Powerful beat the Death Squad, for the Liberty Division title. The Holy Rollers took the Freedom Division, beating the Mississippi Shakedown. The Stilettos got rocked by the Green Barbarians. (And got hosed down

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Gordon Brown’s driven me to the bottle

Not so long ago, our household’s Sunday night routine was pleasantly mundane: eat burritos, take out the garbage, and watch Tony Blair snarkily fend off criticism of his increasingly scandalous administration during Prime Minister’s Questions. (You know, they do that thing in Britain where they actually force the executive to answer for some of the

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The Wrong Reasons Release “Bury Your Problems” Tonight At Jake’s

If you’ve been following the trials and tribulations of Providence’s excellent Wrong Reasons then tonight it all pays off for you. They’ll be releasing their long-awaited “Bury Your Problems” tonight at Jake’s bar and Grille along with two other great acts; Brooklyn’s Federale and Samuel James from Portland. Plus Joe Fletcher has the greatest hair

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Moving House

The Brown campus is in the midst of some major construction. A significant utilities upgrade is underway in conjunction with Brown’s plan to connect its Main Green to the Pembroke campus. This second project, known as “The Walk”, involves many stages of demolition and construction. Recently the Peter Green House at 142 Angell Street escaped

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Tomorrow: Prov Kickball Championship

The schedule: 3 pm Death Squad vs. Cunning Baffling Powerful (Liberty Div Pennant) 4 pm Mississippi Shakedown vs. Holy Rollers (Freedom Div Pennant) 5 pm Green BarBarians vs. The Stilettos in THE FESTIVAL OF LOSERS 6 pm Liberty Div Champ vs. Freedom Div Champ: THE HYPERBOWL Sadly my sometimes team, The Steamroller, ended up in

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Britney-Bin Laden Media Whore-Off

Terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden and washed-up yahoo Britney Spears go head-to-head this weekend as both make auspicious and highly-anticipated returns to the media stage. On Thursday, Al-Sahab, Al Qaeda’s media arm announced the imminent release of a new Bin Laden tape. Early buzz said that his formerly gray beard had been dyed a luxurious

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Craigslist remains the go-to place to peer uncomfortably into the millions of damaged and perverted souls out there. Like the guy sitting right next to you! Seriously! Anyway, don’t ever let this guy do you a favor without saying so much as a thank you, because he will remember forever.

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Get Out Of The House This Weekend

2007 Pawtucket Arts Festival at the awesome Machines With Magnets studio/gallery/hotspot. Performances by Badman, Daughters, Sweetthieves, Howl, Dirty On Purpose and many more. Plus Nice Slice, Recycle A Bike, Kafe Lila…Saturday, starts at noon, goes ’til midnight. $8, Downtown BucketNeon Soul Cabaret at Xxodus Cafe. Get your dancing shoes out for some funk, deep house,

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Okay, We Get It, Rhode Islanders Talk Funny.

The latest in a string of endless pieces on how incredibly fucking cute Rhode Islanders talk comes at us today from the usually respectable Phoenix. In it, writer Johnette Rodriguez manages to churn out thousands of words on a topic usually associated with Mark Patinkin’s equally annoying “You Know You’re A Rhode Islander When…”-type pieces

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