Weekend Update

It’s a little gloomy out there, but our friends at the E&O want to keep you comfy with cheap Bloody Marys from 3-7 and the Sox game on at 4. Sounds like a plan to me. Stuff Tonight A few out of town things tonight of you feel like trecking up to Beanville. DJ and […]

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Grilling On The Edge

Tomorrow from 4-8 pm the Urban Edge Farm hosts Southside Community Landtrust’s 4th annual Hoe Down/Fundraiser. The event features gourmet BBQ (cooked by Johnson & Wales finest Chef’s in training) in which all produce comes freshly picked from local Rhode Island farms. Music will be provided by Groundingroot, The Killdevils, The Can Kickers, and my

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Party Hard: Punk Rock 101 @ Rock ‘n Roll High School

Something new has been earmarked onto Rock ‘n Roll High School, Club Hell’s long-running Friday party dedicated to 70’s and 80’s rock, metal, britpop and everything else night. Punk Rock 101, which runs from 9 ’til the RnRHS thing kicks off at 11, is deejayed by DJ Skunk, and seems to lean heavier on the

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Some smart reporting

In the Phoenix, of course: Ian has this story, dispelling the notion that Rhode Island has an abnormally high number of state employees. Yet when viewed in proportion to our population, the number of state workers in Rhode Island is the smallest among the six New England states and just the 40th-largest in the country,

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Frank Ferri Running For State Rep.

Matt at RIFuture has a post on the race to fill the vacancy in House district 22 in Warwick. Progressive Frank Ferri is running in the Democratic Primary, and deserves the left’s active support. Progressives have already united around Ferri’s candidacy because he has great positions on the environment, health care reform, public education. Additionally,

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Out And About Tonight

Spanish Dancer with guest djs Red Foxx and Emarce at Medium Studios for S.W.E.A.T @ Aha! Night in New Bedford, 7pm, Free The ‘Mericans at Nick-A-Nees 9-12, also free Hipstermania at POP! w/ spellcheck-impaired DJ Morgan Louis and special guests Certified Bananas Club Energy, Downtown, $5 Dancing Required! A City In Silence, Megivdo, A Casual

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Local Yokels: Sweatlodge Gets Sweaty

Like their name may imply, the music of Sweatlodge is a stormy, torrid, sweaty mess of a sound. With drums and guitars that sound like they’re spiraling around each other in a Wizard Of Oz-esque hurricane, detuned strings and detached spoken word vocals and warblings, they swap long-form extended noise jams with taut, doom metal

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Good Morning Thursday!

Hey, Thursday morning, how are you? Doesn’t it seem like everytime I see you my head is banging and my lungs are sore from the pack of Parliaments I smoked last night? I hear you, Thursday morning, this is getting a little old. Hey Wednesday night, you know what? You’re a fucking jerk. With your

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