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Today’s Headlines Tommy Thompson will appeal to Godless heathens everywhere. (Yahoo) Putin decides that maybe Russia doesn’t really, you know, need a government. (HuffPo) Led Zeppelin to confirm reunion today! Insert your own shark fucking joke here, it’s totally cool with us. (BBC News) For Katie Couric, Iraq is a ratings quagmire. (HuffPo)

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The Dunk Renovation Presses On

  The (much costlier than expected) rehab of the Dunkin Donuts center presses on. I’m quite skeptical of the notion that this particular endeavor, or much of the supposed “economic development” of recent years will actually serve to improve the lives of the average resident of Providence. Though it’s certainly positive for the city that

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Wake Me Up When Petraeus is Done Talking

Democracy is alive and kicking today as the Senate Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees convened to hear testimony on things we already know about an unwinnable war they are seemingly powerless to stop from two individuals, General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker, who ascended to their posts too late to prevent a disaster. I spent

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Kanye West Demands More Attention Than 9/11

With the release of his new album, Graduation, coinciding with the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Kanye West has angrily lashed out at the media for devoting more time to a national tragedy of biblical proportions than the release of the hip-hop superstar’s uneven third album.  “It damages the credibility of the media when

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From The Dept. Of My Favorite Band Is Awesome

Anyone who has spent at least one half second around me this summer knows that I’m totally gay for The National. This song, and the incredibly sweet video that accompanies it completely nails my feelings about being single; it is the greatest thing ever while simultaneously sucking. Who needs a drink?

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For Over 300 Rhode Islanders, Marijuana Provides Legal Pain Relief

Take the time and read this excellent article by Amanda Milkovits in todays Journal. I was surprised by the number of legal prescriptions here in Rhode Island, which was the 11th state to legalize medical marijuana. Governor Carcieri, whose two vetoes of medical marijuana legislation were overridden, continues to block legislation that would prevent legal

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Daily Dose International Headlines

There’s a big scary world out there America, here’s where we deliver the fear to your doorstep. Clinton to return $850,000 in donations gathered by rogue fund-raiser Norman Hsu (NYT) Area the size of Florida melts in the Arctic in just 6 days (ABC) Mitt Romney calls Thompson a pimp (WaPo) Rumsfeld gives first interview

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Grilling on the Edge: 4th Annual Hoe Down

This Saturday, 4-9pm. At the Urban Edge Farm, 31 Pippin Orchard Rd, Cranston. Southside Community Land Trust’s annual celebration of local agriculture. Music, dancing, gourmet BBQ featuring local foods and drinks, farm tours, children’s activities, urban agriculture demonstrations, 4 local breweries, 3 local vineyards, homemade cookies, grilled corn, and more! Admission includes:  Gourmet BBQ dinner

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New Downcity Diner open

Or at least that’s what it looks like, per my late-nite stroll through downtown. Downcity has moved about two blocks east of its previous location — still on Weybosset St, but it’s now across from the Turk’s Head building. The original location burned down a little over a year ago. Art in Ruins has photos

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Doesn’t feel right…

…to let the day pass without comment on its political happenings.The fundamental tenet of democracy: People should have a say in decisions, to the extent to which they’re affected by them. About 70% of Iraqis see the surge as a failure, believing it: “has hampered conditions for political dialogue, reconstruction and economic development, according to

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