5 Traverse Gallery

Becoming Silhouettes

Lisa Perez’s current exhibit, still even now, at the 5 Traverse Gallery is a meditative study in being and nothingness. The exhibit consists of small sculptural installations made of paper and wood. Her designs are poetic. They simplify the physical world without belittling it. Her best pieces are simultaneously microscopic and macroscopic. Organic grids and […]

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David Barnes Exhibit At 5 Traverse

All the news that’s fit to paint Tsunamis kill people in Bali. Car bombs kill people in Iraq. The Internet is killing newspapers. The major news networks report on these killings with state of the art sensationalism and hi-tech dehumanization. Rhode Island artist David Barnes paints this process and the result is benignly seductive. Starting

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Closing Time

 What goes up must come down, particularly art.  If you can’t wait for the closing party of “Textual Nature” at Chazan next Thursday night, you can start tonight with a get-‘er-(ho)down* at 5 Traverse Gallery celebrating the closing week of two great exhibitions. Jon Lautsen explores construction on a small scale.  I don’t know the

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