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Action Speaks — Live Forum

(10.3) Action Speaks kicks off its new season Wednesday. This year Action Speaks looks at moments when the rights of the individual have clashed with the needs or beliefs of the public and where the line between private and public has been defined or blurred. In its fall 2012 season, Action Speaks: Underappreciated Dates that […]

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Action Speaks Will Probably Make You Very Hungry

Tonight’s edition of Action Speaks features a discussion of Chez Panisse, the famed restaurant opened by Alice Waters in Berkeley, California way back in 1971.  Designed by a woman who “simply wanted to create a place where you could relax while eating well,” the restaurant kicked off the locavore movement and the slow food craze.

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‘Action Speaks’ Forum — Friday

Interesting pre-Foo evening planned at AS220. First, at 5pm, a showing of Helen Stickler’s documentary Andre the Giant Has a Posse, followed by a special Action Speaks forum on “Free Culture” and intellectual property. Join artist Shepard Fairey, political activist and author Lawrence Lessig, computer scientist and engineer Brandon Edens, and AS220 artistic director Umberto

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Action Speaks Tonight

I’ll keep this brief, because I’m at the library using a computer next to a cracked-out old couple that are noisily spying on their kids’ Myspaces. And, you know, there’s that grumpy woman that keeps telling everybody that their time is up. But. Tonight’s Action Speaks focuses on the year 2000, when The US Census

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Speaking Of Drunk Authors…

Tonight’s Action Speaks will discuss the 1957 publication of Norman Mailer’s “The White Negro: Superficial Reflections on the Hipster,” an essay that seemed really cool when I had to read it in eleventh-grade English class.  (Although that may have had to do with the fact that we had just spent four weeks discussing “The Fall

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