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Time To Clean House

Specifically, the Aldermen Chambers in Providence City Hall with its undisputed primo portrait real estate. Why has pride of place been given to the image of a corrupt, twice-convicted felon, who spent over four years in federal prison? This portrait should have been relocated years ago. Now we have Sheila Bentley, Buddy Cianci’s ex-wife, sharing […]

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Providence Police Corruption Under Buddy

You may need the police some day. Would you prefer that the officer responding had been hired and promoted on merit? Would honor and integrity be desirable attributes in a law enforcement officer? Then vote for Jorge Elorza. Today’s ProJo cover story “Buddy’s Boys” shows exactly what a police department run by Buddy Cianci would

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double-dipping in the ocean state

The R.I. state seal consists of two key design elements: an anchor, that heavy thing you throw overboard in a last desperate attempt to stabilize a foundering ship; and the word ‘Hope’, as in “I hope there’s someone at the helm who knows what the hell he’s doing before we run this thing onto the

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Life used to be so simple…

… when the enemy was fluoridation. Check out Bob Kerr’s column in today’s ProJo for his take on National Guard adjutant general, and acting head of RIEMA, Maj. Gen. Robert T. Bray. Comparing him to Gen. Jack D. Ripper of the 1964 movie Dr. Strangelove, Kerr perfectly lays out this local example of all that

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