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Foo Fest All Day Saturday At AS220 Empire Street

Here comes Foo Fest — when AS220 takes over Empire Street transforming it into the largest gallery and performance space in the city. Two stages (indoor and outdoor) with music all day (more about music acts here). In no particular order, ACCO Band, Amil Byleckie Band, AS220 Youth’s ZuKrewe, The Brother Kite, Daily Life, Idiot

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Providence Native Gavin Russom On Colbert

Of course the bigger story is that Providence musician Gavin Russom (that’s him in the white hat on synth) has spent the last year touring the world playing in LCD Soundsystem. (For the recent southern hemisphere portion of the program, the opening act was Andrew W.K., another performer who dresses in white. Hm.) During the

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Dr. Lee PhD

Wait wait, this isn’t just another random Andrew WK post (although there will be more of those), there is actually a Providence connection here. Among the featured guest artists listed is Lightning Bolt drummer, Brian Chippendale. Andrew met Mr. Perry at the 2006 SXSW festival and this unlikely collaboration was born. (Of course with Andrew

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give me a ‘D’… give me another ‘D’….

I know there are many WaterFire snobs out there who regard it as being hopelessly gay and lame and hate to mingle with the hoards from the provinces, but just shut-up. Being cool is not caring what other people think (I learned that from Andrew WK and he should know). Anyway, many of you have

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memories of fort thunder

The March ’08 issue of Wire magazine includes an interview with… yes… Andrew WK. I know I’m exceeding my monthly limit on AWK posts — but this is about Providence! Many familiar names come up here, like Pete Bulb and Magus and Lightning Bolt… and happy memories of the Fort. Also interesting stuff about recent

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“the next man on the moon will be chinese”

music by Andrew WK/lyrics by John McLaughlin And if you think I’m gonna illustrate this post with a picture of John McLaughlin you’re not even paying attention. Face it, by all objective criteria, and when he’s not making faces, Andrew WK is dreamy. He is also completely daft and usually making faces. Musical update, he

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Apres Moi, Le Deluge

There will very shortly be a torrent of commentary, analysis, examination, celebration, fulmination, yippees and yahoos, recriminations, plate spinning, tearing of hair, gnashing of teeth, introspection, I-told-you-so’s, name-calling, flagellation, congratulations … and maybe by the end of the night… flossing. While we wait, I invite you to listen to a little metal by Andrew WK

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