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Come view new works by Hilary Merzbacher, recent graduate of the RISD Illustration Department and the latest to be LAUNCHed. (You can meet Hilary at a reception on Friday August 28th.) LAUNCH at the Gail Cahalan Gallery has been designed exclusively to bridge RISD senior students and recent graduates with the local community as an […]

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Part of the excitement of swimming in the ocean is the terror of the unknown underneath the surface of our churning, murky Atlantic. When my sisters and I were kids paddling in the waves, we would always end up singing a cheery, musical ditty we made up that goes “Swimming in the ocean, drowning in

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Milk and Cookies Gallery presents the work of Jesse Ledoux, Dec 6th

Milk and Cookies Gallery, 250 Main Street (in the Grant), Pawtucket RI is proud to present the illustration, toys, and mayhem of Jesse Ledoux. The Rejects will open December 6th, from 7 to 10pm. Jesse LeDoux worked for many years as an art director for Seattle-based Sub Pop Records where he created iconic album and

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1st Annual ITTY/BITTY Invitational

Join YES Gallery in celebrating the ITTY/BITTY works of over 35 artists from around the country. All artwork is 9″x9″ or less and no more than $495. PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Sara Argue, Rachel Austin, Marsha Balian, Mark Baker, Katie Burnett, Alyn Carlson, Cole Caswell, Macy Chadwick, Megyn Craine, Chris Crites, Doug Desjardins, Candis Dixon, Stephanie DosReis,

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Networks 2008 – Art Opening!

Straight up! Watch some movies about some local peoples you know. You can also rent them at the library, i think. For serious. Here’s the press release: Networks 2008 Reception: Friday, November 21st 5pm-7pm Reception free for Newport Art Museum Members, $10 for Non-Members Griswold House and Cushing Galleries The Newport Art Museum 76 Bellevue

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Sustainability Print Show!

HEY remember that one time the other day i posted a 4000 pixel wide image on the main page of the PDD because I momentarily forgot (or arguably never knew) how to use a computer??? Yeah that was AWESOME!! I hope I do it NINE MORE TIMES!!! Anyway here’s a charming reminder, with the official

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