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Benefit Show for Autism Awareness

April is national autism awareness month. For the second year running The Groden Network is teaming up with the Parlour and some great local bands to raise money and rock out; they raised over $700 last year. If you’re looking to have some fun and support a great cause check it out at 9:00 p.m. …

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RHD-RI presents “Eclectric Shock: Take 2”

(7.20) Resources for Human Development Rhode Island (RHD-RI) is an arts-based day program for adults with developmental disabilities. It is also the employer of many fine artists and musicians in Rhode Island. Check out the music, videos, and art at Resources for Human Development, and be sure to click through to the Youtube page. Friday, …

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R2-D20: An Evening Of Sci-Fi Fandom, Fantasy Gaming Geekery & Wizard Rock!

On Thursday, December 2nd, Providence Community Library will be presenting: “R2-D20: A Night of Sci-Fi Fandom and Fantasy Gaming Geekery” with authors Ethan Gilsdorf (Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks) and Tony Pacitti (My Best Friend Is A Wookiee), local artist Michael Townsend (you know, the “mall-squatting artist”) and Woonsocket based “evil wizard rock” band Draco …

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Saturday Night Musics

@AS220 $6, 9pm, Herman The Great, Kintaan, Bellows @Firehouse13 $7, 8pm, Loud Night #5 Black Clouds, The Ram, California Smile @Blackstone 9pm, White Honey, Asteroid 4, Viva Viva @Club Hell 6pm, The Sleeping, Closure in Moscow, A Faylene Sky, The Intel

Music Friday

AS220, 115 Empire Street — We are Hello, Cranston grindcore, Hayworth high screeches, painful yells and screams, and technical guitars and drums firing at all times, heavy, grindy antics, Mercury Made the Hatter, unique metal style, extremely energetic, These Lost Years screamo rock band. Firehouse 13, 41 Central Street — Blueshift, DiagramA, Water Dogs, Zerfallt, …

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Nov. 22nd – Loud Night #1 @ Firehouse 13

Saturday November 22nd 8pm $7 Loud Night #1 @ Firehouse 13 41 Central St Snowbird The Empire Shall Fall Bloodwitch Blackhorn we’re also trying something new. we’re tired of people not coming to shows because they have no cash. we are allowing people to buy tickets with their visa or mastercard (as well as with …

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Live Tonight: The Love Bullets

The Love Bullets don’t sound like any other band in Providence. Call it electronic guitar pastoral, or noir wave, or whatever. Their sound is a dark mix of chittering, gurgling electronic drums, synths, and burning, fuzz guitar all stretched out underneath a beautiful baritone voice almost Morrison-esque in its black crooning. The songs are slow …

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Firehouse 13 Tonight

post valentine-post burlesque shennanagins. i mean if you’s not getting dressed to kill and going to the ball to see the anarchoChicks dance then check this lineup out: Chubby Behemoth (brooklyn) Nuclear Power Pants Brown Book (formerly Bananahands) BrownHard/Going/Public Firehouse13 2nite 9pm $6

Chinese Stars, Awesome Brothers, Black Clouds @ FH13

Tonight at Firehouse 13 is an amazing lineup and probably your only chance to see these three great bands together. Most everyone’s aware of the Chinese Stars and their glass-shattering disco-spunk, not everyone’s as down with The Black Clouds, whose primal, belligerent garage rock is always pretty exhilarating. With them are the Awesome Brothers, who …

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Kids At Top Schools Have Reason To Believe Maybe This Year Will Be Better Than The Last

Thanks to Bookslut (and a total inability to focus on work today), I just found Musicthatmakesyoudumb and Booksthatmakeyoudumb, conceived by a CalTech student named Virgil Griffith. The two lists compare what kids say they like on Facebook with the average SAT scores of the schools they go to. The book list is interesting though ultimately …

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Get Loaded Tonight

L.O.A.D.E.D. (it stands for nothing) is back and tonight I’ll speak for myself (and K-Leav) by saying I’m going to play a shitload of Primal Scream. Who the hell were Primal Scream? Yikes! I’ll give you a brief video primer on their classic Screamadelica album after the jump. Meanwhile, as always we’ll be at Local …

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Tonight: Some Music @ FHXIII

Zegota been around since 98/99, from South Carolina/Sweden, on Crimethinc, last time they played Providence was 2005, their only new england show!!! Relics from Western MA, on Clean Plate, mem. of Wasteland Spring Break! North Korea providence post-hardcore heros, mem. of Hulk Out Thieves From CT, ex-Breed/Extinction 8pm, $8

101 Ways to give your life meaning, #3

Get to know Joe Strummer. [youtube:] If all you know about Joe Strummer is that he was the lead singer for the The Clash then go pick up Rock Art and the X-Ray Style, Global A Go-Go, or Streetcore the albums he recorded with his get-up The Mescaleros. In my admittedly all-over-map opinion these albums …

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