BarPlays Festival

Wednesday BarPlays At Everyman

Everyman Bistro is the BarPlays venue tonight, and next Wednesday the 23rd. On tap tonight (but subject to change) are works by Bill McDonnell, Charlotte Meehan, a special visit from Rory Raven, and something called Gorilla Punch improvisationalism. The first night has been reviewed by Channing Gray in ProJo. 7pm to 8:30pm, free admission (hat …

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Tuesday BarPlays Festival At Red Fez

Tonight, and again next Tuesday on June 22nd, the BarPlays Festival will be held at the Fez. Tonight’s writers are David Eliet, Adara Meyers and Bit Players. [I have edited this list for accuracy. Thank you commenter.] Adara Meyers’ “Omen Experts” was written for the Red Fez on Peck Street, and is designed to take …

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