Bernie Sanders

Getting Bernie On The Ballot

Full steam ahead for the Rhode Island Progressive Democrats of America who, along with other motivated groups and individuals, are collecting the signatures needed for getting Bernie Sanders on the Rhode Island ballot. The state will need to certify 1000  signatures (although more than 1000 will be collected as a cushion). This year’s Presidential Preference …

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Bernie Signature Drive At Ogie’s

(1.21) Signatures are needed to get Bernie Sanders’ name on the ballot here in Rhode Island. Signing nomination papers has to be the easiest way to participate in democracy, you just need to be a registered Rhode Island voter. Signing for one candidate does not mean you can’t later sign nomination papers for other candidates, …

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Loui’s Hosts Bernie Houseparty

Like I needed another reason to love Loui’s Family Restaurant. Tonight they played host to a Bernie Sanders Houseparty, even setting out food for the troops. And the place was packed. As to the local Bernie effort, there is a local Facebook page “Rhode Island for Bernie” (there will be an action meeting coming up …

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