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PVDLoop Festival Starts Friday

The Providence Y2K16 International Live Looping Festival will be a three day event starting on Friday, September 30th, at AS220. Over thirty local, national, and international live looping artists will be creating music in multiple genres for all audiences, all ages. We are raising money to launch the festival, support the artists’ stay in our […]

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RISD Museum ‘Design The Night’

(7.18) Plenty to do while waiting for the sun to set Saturday night, and it’s free. Check out ‘Design the Night’ at the RISD Museum. “Engage with the elemental principles of art and nature through chance encounters, musical reverie, poetic musings, and art explorations—all incorporating elemental themes of fire, water, air, and earth.” Well you

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Fellowships Awarded To Local Composers

The Rhode Island Foundation has awarded $25,000 fellowships to three Providence musicians: Peter Bussigel will be building new instruments; Shawn Greenlee will be composing music for traditional Korean instruments, combining same with new technology; and sound designer and electronic music/multimedia performer Bevin Kelley (who often goes by Blevin Blectum) will be composing and creating new

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‘Human + Computer’ New Media At Exposé

[Update: Another “Opening” is scheduled for Thursday night, February 20th. Yay! The snow did not stop some exceptionally hardy new media types from gathering last night, but without the refreshments and provisions it did not quite satisfy. So Thursday then!] New show opens Saturday at RISD’s student-run gallery Exposé, presented by RISD STEAM, Brown STEAM,

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Soundscape 004 At The Salon

(3.21) Soundscape 004 will be an exploration in sound, video, and performance, Thursday night downstairs at The Salon. Performances by: Casey Anderson, Blevin Blectum, Tim O’Keefe, Sang Un Jeon, LaRochelle, Matthew Gaertner, and Abraham Arevalo Installations by: Irene Su, Xixi, and Evan Grothjan Meanwhile, upstairs at The Salon during Soundscape 004, is Dream Street hosted

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Soundscape 002 At The Salon

(2.24) Friday at the Salon — explorations in sound, video and performance. VJ Beth Wexler describes it thusly, It’s quite a bit different from Indie Dance Party. It’s a bit more of an art sound/noise night. There will be four or five 20-30 minute performances, all experimenting with sound and video performance. Performances will include

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Music, German Futurist Cinema, Snacks

More kooky, multi-media goings-on at Brown University’s Granoff Center this Thursday, Coincidental Hour (Ric Royer and Blevin Blectum) gets out of the house for the first time in this series. There will be weird videos, DJ experiments by Frank Difficult, the prototype controllers and improvised music of Lord Giovanni, and a first-time-ever public unveiling of

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Multimedia Music Event

And now for something completely different. NEW WORKS: Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments Bevin Kelley/Blevin Blectum presents: “SOLAR RATTLE – Entombed Zero : Incinerating Zero – ElectronicMusicMultimedia Environment/Performance in Six Areas” in collaboration with Nicole Halmi, Ben Nicholson, Rachel Jendrejewski, Mark Baumer, Ric Royer, Butch Rovan, and Alex Dupuis. Jordan Bartee presents: DIGIMANCY An Object-Oriented

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Blevin Blectum, Victoire, Lord FM, Ric Royer At AS220

All-female chamber rock group Victoire performs music from their recently released debut album Cathedral City this Friday at AS220. The New York quintet serves up creepy atmospherics using electronics, keyboards, clarinet, double bass and violin. The album features the group performing founder/composer/pianist Missy Mazzoli’s distinct blend of winds, strings, keyboards and lo-fi electronics, with guests

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Also Downtown — Something Completely Different

For a less conventional experience, but still pretty much like music, an evening of sound art and performance-y things with Blevin Blectum, ReticularActiviatingSystem, Peter Glantz, and Glitterbox. Never a dull moment, but more than that I can not say. Go to where Wheels used to be. 9pm to 1am, Wednesday, The Stable, 125 Washington Street,

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The Preserving Machine

Attention Dick fans, for an evening of expertly executed weirdness check out Saturday’s show — The Preserving Machine — at AS220. A multimedia performance based on the Philip K. Dick story of the same name… sheet music is transformed into animals in an effort to enable it to survive the coming dark ages… music/sound/projections by

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Wednesday Music

Tonight at AS220 — Ashtray Navigations uses the barest minimum of outdated equipment, to present a vision of homemade psychedelic rock and avant garde noise electronics. New York based artist/vocalist, Lesley Flanigan, sculpts electronic music by hand, using sounds that originate entirely from the acoustics of live feedback and voice. Providence artist Blevin Blectum combines

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A Call To Action — Boycott Gucci

[youtube]tEuBGnAmZyM&NR=1[/youtube] Providence musician Kelley Polar (electronica/disco house) has never been properly compensated by the House of Gucci for their use of his song ‘Entropy Reigns ITCC’ in the 2009 spring runway show.  I need everyone within the sound of my voice to stop buying Gucci products until justice has been done. A Dose Nation boycott

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I Said No Stage Diving

Don’t make her mad and don’t be fashionably late for Wednesday’s show at AS220. The openers include performance musician, beer-swilling valkyrie, and international wild child Blevin Blectum, who has wowed the crowds from Rio to Richmond. She describes her work as follows; Slow-mo sunspots, high contrast hydraulics, Cascaded Integrator-Combing, and negative acceleration. Epic sound for

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