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Walken Up In The Air On Turbine Farm

Christopher Walken has a house on Block Island? Did everybody know this but me? The state PUC held a hearing yesterday regarding the proposed offshore wind farm to be erected south of the island and Block Island residents had an opportunity to air their concerns with Paul Rich of Deepwater Wind. Walken and wife Georgianne …

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He Said ‘Rhode Island’ On The TV

In an NBC Evening News report on an image from Mars featuring the (possible) meteorite NASA has dubbed ‘Block Island’, Brian Williams compared the look of the scene to “one of those beautiful Rhode Island beaches”, whereas the scientists had meant nothing of the sort but merely thought it looked like a block. (Mars picture …

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Block Island’s chillin’ out

Good news if this Globe story is true, and Block Islanders (aka those with highest electricity costs in country, +/-) really are softening to off-shore wind.  I don’t think that local opposition has been much of an obstacle to a Rhode Island wind farm — far less so than politicos stepping on each other’s toes, …

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