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Blue Cross Back At The Trough

The headline says it all “Blue Cross seeking hefty rate increase.” According to today’s Providence Journal, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island is proposing 2014 premium increases averaging 18 percent for individuals and 15 percent for small groups. The rates, the largest increases requested by Blue Cross in recent years, must be approved […]

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Green-Washing At Blue Cross

ProJo columnist Edward Fitzpatrick casts a gimlet eye on the new biodegradable/compostable/recyclable Blue Cross office building and sees right through to the fancy new offices, cafeteria and gym with their sweeping views of Waterplace Park and beyond. The costs of this new building are apparently to be borne by the direct payers, subscribers with no

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Dose makes the news

And, oh yeah, your health insurance plan is on life support. For further proof that our for-profit insurance-based health care system is coming apart at the seams check out ABC6 News. They are running a segment on the ramifications of the Blue Cross Blue Shield/Care New England contract negotiations discussed here earlier. And how about

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Women & Infants, Butler, Kent County In Trouble

I can’t pretend that I know anything at all about the health care industry except to say that it sort of scares me, and usually I think insurance companies and hospitals are both greedy so-and-so’s.  But my pregnant best friend forwarded me an e-mail yesterday that Blue Cross may end their contracts with Care New

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