Bob Dylan

Dylan In Town

(11.15) I refuse to spend this much going to live music ever, and I’m not starting with Bob Dylan. (Kind of sorry I missed that Beck show though.) So this is more like a public service announcement — at the time of this writing, there are still tickets available for Saturday’s show at the PPAC. But […]

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Bob Dylan: Not There. Todd Haynes: There.

Director Todd Haynes has made some awesome movies over the years, from the Karen Carpenter Barbie doll Superstar to glammy Velvet Goldmine to the cold and creepy Safe, which is probably the best one of all. He’s also made some dreadfully crappy movies, like the insanely tedious Poison, as well as some so-so movies, like

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Will They Remember Soy Bomb?

Tonight is the 50th anniversary of the Grammy Awards. On the schedule is a special tribute to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band which I’m sure will be ghastly. All hope of a spontaneous unscripted moment was abandoned years ago… but wait… there’s hope. CBS is teasing a live feed from London featuring Amy Winehouse!

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