Brian Chippendale

Chippendale At Ada Books

(2.25) Head over to Ada Books this Thursday when artist-musician Brian Chippendale discusses his new book Puke Force, complete with slide presentation. From Drawn & Quarterly; Puke Force is social satire written dark and dense across Brian Chippendale’s deconstructed multiverse of walking, talking M&Ms, hamsters, and cycloptic-yet-glamorous trivia hosts. In scathingly funny single-page strips that build …

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Chippendale ‘Home’ At RISD Museum

If you haven’t checked out ‘Building Blocks: Contemporary Works from the Collection’ at the Museum of Art, Saturday would be the perfect day. Admission to the RISD Museum on the last Saturday of every month is free. There’s a lot to like in this exhibit, for instance the 2006 Brian Chippendale installation Home on the …

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Chippendale And Hong —”In Habitat”

Locals Brian Chippendale and Jungil Hong have a new exhibit up at Buonaccorsi + Agniel, next to the Steel Yard on Sims. Any mention of these two artists will necessarily reference the Fort Thunder years — and if you have ever had trouble explaining Fort Thunder to a stranger just memorize the first sentence of …

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Chippendale And C.F. Do Things At Ada

Just a reminder. Ada Books hosts Brian Chippendale and C.F. kicking off a, . . . Non-Musical & Mostly Verbal & Visual Tour of Tours. Their newly minted books — If ‘n Oof & Powr Mastrs 3, respectively — will be on hand and there will plenty of signing, doodling and power pointing for your …

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Bonkers? How So?

The New York Times ‘Fall Music Preview’ section on Sunday had this item and it totally mentions Providence. LIGHTNING BOLT Who knew that the members of Lightning Bolt — the utterly bonkers bass-and-drums duo from Providence that has been king of the noise-punks for most of the decade — were such perfectionists? Since last heard …

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Dr. Lee PhD

Wait wait, this isn’t just another random Andrew WK post (although there will be more of those), there is actually a Providence connection here. Among the featured guest artists listed is Lightning Bolt drummer, Brian Chippendale. Andrew met Mr. Perry at the 2006 SXSW festival and this unlikely collaboration was born. (Of course with Andrew …

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