Providence Poster Of 111 Westminster

(Detail of poster seen here.) Photographer Peter Green first came to our attention for his amazing Providence Raptors series — images of the hawks, kestrels, and peregrine falcons that soar above our heads eying the delicious pigeons at our feet. His now famous photographs of the nesting peregrine falcons revealed a whole new world to […]

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Boston’s City Hall World’s Ugliest Building

From Reuters: “Web site has come up with a list of “The World’s Top 10 Ugliest Buildings and Monuments” according to their editors and readers. Reuters has not endorsed this list. Some of these picks have all the charm of a bag of nails while others are just jaw-dropping in their complexity. Love them

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On Kennedy Plaza…

Brussat’s column today. To quote our friend David Byrne: some good points, some bad points — both in the column, and at Kennedy Plaza. But I think Brussat hits the nail on the head, here: But a bus station next to a skating rink flanked by two parks and surrounded by civic, residential and commercial

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Hearing on relocation ordinance

The folks over at the Partnership for Creative Industrial Space are psyched about the hearing on their Ordinance tomorrow: The Industrial Commercial Buildings District (ICBD) Tenant Relocation Ordinance is scheduled for Public Hearing Monday, March 3, 2008 at 6:00 pm in Providence City Hall. This ordinance – a call to developers of rehabilitation projects to

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Yet again, I’m with Brussat

Dave has a piece today, on the relative uglinesses of the new towers of Capital Center. I’m actually mildly contented by the Waterplace towers at the moment, having viewed them from the Biltmore’s 17th floor today, during the conference on “re-envisioning” Kennedy Plaza. But normally, I like to complain as much as he does: The

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Erik and Clay = Bad Dudes

Video games should be programmed in their honor: Update: Food terminal demolition begins, plus protesters PROVIDENCE — Carpionato Properties began demolishing the old food and produce terminal on Harris Avenue this afternoon, soon after a judge’s ruling allowing it. But the developer was forced to halt work for a time when several men — and

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