Happy Chinese New Year

Providence used to have a proper Chinatown — Tong meeting rooms, fan-tan parlors, opium dens — right downtown along Empire Street. Providence historian Florence Simister wrote in “Streets of the City” that among the shops and tenements was the city’s first Chinese drugstore which “sold such ethnic remedies as dried lizards, snakes, and powdered reindeer

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Free Show Saturday — Chinese Music And Dance

Members of the Zhejiang University Wenqin Arts Troupe will perform a special Chinese New Year show this Saturday. The troupe consists of six talented teams, including a symphony orchestra, a vocal group, a dance team, a drama team, a keyboard orchestra, and a Chinese traditional music team. The performance consists of eleven acts including both

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Shanghai Theatre At Brown

As part of Brown University’s ‘Year of China’ season, the Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies will host performances of Confucius’ Disciples on Monday and Tuesday. The Shanghai Theatre Academy presents Confucius’ Disciples a series of short plays about China’s greatest educator and his three fictional teen-aged disciples set during Confucius’ historic travels trying

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News Slap: ‘Why Am I Working Today?!’ Edition

Don’t worry, children; you’ll be drunk and bloated in 24 little hours. Until then, feast your bellies with this. God bless our crumbling infrastructure! Obviously baby Jesus is punishing NYC for its wicked transportation ways. Hot dang, how come the Chinese do everything better than us? Obama is fighting!…to keep his Blackberry Sad girls who

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