Christiana Bannister

This Street Is History

The one-block street formerly known as Magee is now officially called Bannister Street, renamed to honor the 19th-century African-American couple, artist Edward Bannister and entrepreneur Christiana Bannister who made Providence their home. William Fairchild Magee was a slave trader and opium merchant. Following the dedication ceremony last October, the representative from the Department of Public […]

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New Name — Bannister Street

A movement is afoot to honor a pair of Providence’s most illustrious citizens, Christiana and Edward Bannister, by naming a street in their honor, and we support this effort. City Councillor Sam Zurier has introduced a resolution to rename Magee Street (currently named for William Fairchild Magee, a slave trader and opium merchant) to honor

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Christiana Carteaux Bannister

Doing business at the state house often involves standing around and waiting. Fortunately one is surrounded by interesting statuary like this arresting bust outside the senate chamber. The last name caught my attention. Abolitionist, entrepreneur, and patron of the arts, Christiana Bannister was inducted into the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame in 2003. She

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