Cliff Wood

Nathan Bishop Open House — Tuesday

Providence city councilman, Cliff Wood, sends out an open invitation to come poke around the shiny new Nathan Bishop. This should be of interest to the neighbors who advocated for the renovation, prospective parents and students, and I should think former students would want to take advantage of this opportunity to revisit their old school. …

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Deli Meet

No baloney. City Councilman Cliff Wood invites you to an informal get-together with U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse who will tell us why a super-majority of democrats can’t get meaningful (public option) health care reform passed, why we should care what Olympia Snowe thinks about anything, and why the insurance companies are even at the table …

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Whattup on Arlington Avenue?

Are we cool with this?  I am always suspicious when Brown University starts making alterations to the landscape.  Why are they cutting down perfectly healthy trees on Arlington Avenue?  Is this to give residents a better view of the eye-poaching Kleig lights that go nova for sporting events? Do they have evil designs on this …

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Saturday Deadline — Voter Registration

Kudos to the Providence Board of Canvassers who will keep the Providence City Hall office, first floor, open Saturday from 1pm to 4pm to get you last-minute voters registered.  And what are you waiting for anyway?  I know that Rhode Island is pretty safely in the Obama column, but don’t you want to be a …

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fixer-upper, roof leaks

This from the Blackstone Parks Conservancy: A groundbreaking ceremony will take place on September 5th at 10:00 AM for the restoration of the historic Trolley Shelter on Blackstone Boulevard. The shelter, originally designed by architectural firm Stone, Carpenter and Willson in 1904, was built by Swan Point Cemetery to provide a waiting spot for those …

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Boulevard Bike Lanes Inauguration 1PM today

The previously mentioned Blackstone Boulevard bicycle lanes will be officially opened today with a ribbon cutting (oh please have those giant scissors) and a press conference with politicians trying to take credit and out-green each other. But this is a good thing so I shouldn’t be snarky. Big props to City Councilman Cliff Wood for …

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trying to stay cool?

What could be cooler than jazz? Check out Tim O’Keefe’s Listening Party, tonight with a couple of live sets by The Cozy Collective. Misters Crenca, Teixeira, Minto, Wood and O’Keefe will be showing the squares how it’s done starting at 10PM at Local 121. tonight 10 PM/121 Washington Street/no cover

what’s in it for us?

What exactly is the nature of the relationship between the city of Providence and the owners of these boxes? I’m guessing host/parasite. What do we get out of these contraptions besides visual blight and exposure to liability? This is ugly crap that nobody needs and it’s spreading like a virus that makes you want to …

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to the PPD from the PDD*

Could you guys maybe worry a little less about speeding and a little more about graffiti? Aren’t you even a little embarrassed that these evil-doers are now tagging your own equipment with apparent impunity? Put down the radar you wusses — you’ve got real guns — use ’em. *actually the opinions expressed here are strictly …

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Music Fridays @ RISD Museum

I am normally pretty suspicious of music collectives (it’s usually code for ‘overly-earnest hippies with weird instruments’). But tonight is Music Friday at the RISD Museum and the music is being provided by the Cozy Collective and these guys are great! Comprising Tim O’Keefe, Tony Teixeira, Umberto Crenca and Cliff Wood, Cozy Collective will be …

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