‘Wipeout #3’ Comic Release — Ada Books

(7.24) Head over  to Ada Books Monday night for the ‘Wipeout #3’ Oversize Comic Release hosted by Walker Mettling. The new issue features the work of Alison Rutsch, Caitlin Cali, Dailen Williams, Malachy Hopkins, Milky Pear, Mimi Chrzanowski, Ryan Alves, Zachary Kemp, and Walkeer Mettlling, with the screenprinting-sweat-labor of Julia Gualtieri and costs a mere

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‘Terrifying Stories’ At AS220

(10.29) Head down to AS220 for ‘A Night of Terrifying Stories V,’ the Providence Comics Consortium fifth birthday party, with host Walker Mettling. Walker hosts another Night of Terrifying Stories! This year it’s a mash up with the Providence Comics Consortium ‘s 5th Anniversary! With Weird Prizes, Videos, Slime, Monsters, And New Stories by Kid

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Learn To Draw Comics At Rochambeau

(7.21) Join artist, educator, performer, Eric Fulford, today at the Rochambeau Library and learn how to draw comics. Check out Fulford’s comic book workshops for an idea of what to expect. He will likely address character design and cover design. After graduating from Providence College with a degree in Secondary History Education, Eric moved to

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Lo-Fi, Low Brow Comics At Ada Books

(8.24) Wise-cracking apples, eggplants and pears; foul-mouthed birds and bleeding tomatoes; dead carrots and heartless bananas; stone-faced bunnies; conceited vampire bats; snogging peanut butter; half-witted cat-munchkins; naked wieners; and poop. All this (and more!) can be yours, at Ada Books this Friday, where Lauren Barnett (Me Likes You Very Much) and Alabaster (The Complete Talamaroo) will be within talking and touching

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Big Questions, Small Bookshop

Artist, designer and ink magician Anders Nilsen is coming to Providence! This Monday, September 19th, from 7pm until — oh, let’s say 9ish — he will be camping out at Ada Books where he will project pages from his recently published, forest-felling behemoth (592 pages) of a book, Big Questions. He will also read from and talk about the book, speaking loudly enough

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Weird World of Eerie Publications tonight at Rochambeau Library

TONIGHT – January 13th, 7pm at the Rochambeau Library (708 Hope Street in Providence), Providence Community Library will be hosting Mike Howlett, author of “The Weird World of Eerie Publications” (Feral House, 2010). “Eerie Publications’ horror magazines brought blood and bad taste to America’s newsstands from 1965 through 1975. Ultra-gory covers and bottom-of-the-barrel production values

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Walker Mettling Presents 100 Very Short Stories — Wednesday

On Wednesday, December 8th, Providence Community Library and Walker Mettling present “100 Very Short Stories” at the Knight Memorial Library. Ten writers will be reading 100 very, very SHORT stories which will also be illustrated live by Jean Cozzens! The readers are: Kevin Delaney, Joanna Howard, Jenny Nichols, Louis Haling, Bobby Casey, Jenine Bressner, Jack

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A Guided Tour Of The Empire Strikes Back With Ryder Windham

Providence Community Library welcomes Ryder Windham, author of over sixty Star Wars books, to Rochambeau Library on Saturday, May 15th. Ryder will present rare photos and illustrations related to Empire, and discuss vintage Star Wars toys, comic books, and comic strips. Ryder will also be signing books and we will be giving away signed souvenirs.

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