Hooray For Stacey Abrams!

We were given about one nanosecond for celebrating the critical November senate victory in Georgia before the terrible events of January 6th consumed the news and our attention. But we still want to celebrate and thank Stacey Abrams and all the other great people at Fair Fight for delivering this entire country from the intransigent, […]

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Thank You Blogosphere And Bakosphere

The Thursday night Blogosphere Holiday Party went off without a hitch. Big thanks to Jef Nickerson of Greater City Providence and everybody else who helped make it happen. It is my understanding that Cornish Associates and In Downcity generously provided the cookie platters from Ellie’s Bakery on Washington Street, and that Ellie’s further contributed a

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I’ll Take Two Boxes Of The Fagalongs

After a 14-year-old girl’s YouTube video* asking people not to buy Girl Scout cookies because a Colorado troop admitted a 7-year-old transgender went viral, the Huffington Post’s coverage has more than 5,800 comments–most supporting GSUSA and vowing to buy cookies. I was a Girl Scout, not only as a little girl, but as a teenager

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Smith Hill Library Book Sale Tonight

Tonight’s a book sale and bake sale sponsored by the Friends of the Smith Hill Library. I really like Smith Hill; it’s in a lovely building (built in the era when libraries were divided into equally large adult and kid sections) and the librarians are really nice; unfortunately, they don’t have much money, and aren’t

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