Charles In Charge

Last Sunday was the Season Three premiere of Metalocalypse and it seems that the creative ambitions have expanded with the new 30-minute time slot. First a quibble with the people at Adult Swim — what is with the unbelievably lame designation ‘Stoner Series’? Dude. Seriously uncool. So, in last season’s cliffhanging finale it looked as

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You Should Be Dancing

And at the complete opposite end of the musical spectrum from Low Anthem, one finds the positively epic Tragedy — All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees! These guys opened for Dethklok last month and blew everybody away (tough crowd too, more Deth-y than Disco).  They know how to play, the arrangements are wildly original,

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Shoegazers — Repent And Be Saved

Remember fun? It looks and sounds like this. Tickets are still available for Thursday’s show at the Foxboro venue, Showcase Live. Brendon Small, the creative and musical genius behind Dethklok, will be performing some Dethklok songs and ‘Metal Klassix’ with the School of Rock All-Stars which is not as bogus as you might think (and

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Oddly Enough, This Works

[youtube]dhgjEObtrWE[/youtube] For me anyway. Tragedy All Metal Tribute to the BeeGees, will be playing the Showcase Live in Foxboro on April 2nd. This venue might not be totally horrible as it is standing room only/general admission like a regular club. BUT, here’s the awesomest thing, Brendon Small of Dethklok will also be performing with the

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I’m Not Kidding

Dethklok may not be a real band, but they make real music.  At some point while watching Metalocalypse, the discriminating viewer will suddenly realize — hey, these guys are actually kinda good. At any rate, this album is now on my iPod.  It stands on its own just as music, but the rewards of researching

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late night tv

Metalocalypse is fast becoming one of my favorite things ever. Lately they have been running two episodes back-to-back.  Tonight’s listing is “The band’s new album is released; the Revengencers make their next move”.  Dethklok is a real ‘band’ that has actually performed live and you can buy ‘Dethalbum’.  Past guest voices have included Brian Posehn

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Dethklok For Cutie

Really? This is what’s behind the curtain? Not really very death-y. I mean I knew it was a cartoon but… really?! At any rate, good news for Metalocalypse fans, Dethklok is a real band and it’s touring. Nearest venue — the Palladium in Worcester, June 24th. Mr. Small (Berklee grad!) and Mr. Blacha are the

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