On Kennedy Plaza…

Brussat’s column today. To quote our friend David Byrne: some good points, some bad points — both in the column, and at Kennedy Plaza. But I think Brussat hits the nail on the head, here: But a bus station next to a skating rink flanked by two parks and surrounded by civic, residential and commercial […]

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Yet again, I’m with Brussat

Dave has a piece today, on the relative uglinesses of the new towers of Capital Center. I’m actually mildly contented by the Waterplace towers at the moment, having viewed them from the Biltmore’s 17th floor today, during the conference on “re-envisioning” Kennedy Plaza. But normally, I like to complain as much as he does: The

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Vista del Torre moves forward

The Federal Hill skyscraper got a key approval last night: Zammiello came before the council’s Public Works Committee last night to get the OK to buy the air rights from the city for $178,000. Two weeks ago, the committee had approved his request to buy the rights to build underneath Bradford Street for $469,000. But

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Providence Preservation Society’s 5th Winter Bash

Providence Preservation Society’s 5th Winter Bash Saturday February 9, 2008 8 pm to midnight American Locomotive Works (ALCO) 555 Valley Street Come join the Providence Preservation Society for its 5th Annual Winter Bash! Highlighting preservation and rehabilitation of the city’s historic resources. Featuring live music by the Cusacks, creative hors d’oeuvres, and full cash bar.

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Good News!!!

RIFuture covers two unusually positive political developments today. National Grid, our electrical utility, has expressed a new willingness to enter long-term agreements with suppliers of renewable energy. The Providence City Council’s finance committee will be taking up the Living Wage Ordinance on Thursday. (Yours truly was recently informed that he’ll be giving the presentation on

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Erik and Clay = Bad Dudes

Video games should be programmed in their honor: Update: Food terminal demolition begins, plus protesters PROVIDENCE — Carpionato Properties began demolishing the old food and produce terminal on Harris Avenue this afternoon, soon after a judge’s ruling allowing it. But the developer was forced to halt work for a time when several men — and

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A bit of pleasant news as the session begins

As everybody knows, the state budget is a mess. But one glimmer of hope as the session gets underway: A ton of Reps and Senators (Dems and Repubs) have been approaching me about various posts on this blog and rifuture encouraging the vigorous development of renewable energy in Rhode Island, and suggesting that we position

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Public Library Update

So you can be pretty confident it ain’t great news: Dear library advocates, As we move toward a new year, PPL is moving toward a mass-layoff of all seven branch children’s specialists, which will have disastrous consequences for branch services and programs. Meanwhile, PPL administrators are projecting a nearly $1 million deficit for the next

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Potential RI wind projects making national news

Hint, hint, Powers-That-Be (greater than this lowly freshman’s): More national news today about the potential mega-wind developments in Rhode Island. If we get this much attention for talking about moving the projects forward, imagine how psyched people would be if we actually pushed them forward! SUGAR LAND, TX–(Marketwire – December 27, 2007) – Researched by

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Hey, guys — have you heard about the Armory?

Ugghh… I like the Armory and all. I just don’t understand who the hell these articles are written for. (Or, I mean, with the heavy focus on property values, I guess I do.) To write so antiseptically about a neighborhood as “heterogeneous” and “affordable” as the Armory, without a discussion of its politics, clashes of

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Olneyville Discount Floor Space

Atlantic Mills, from Art In Ruins I’ve gotten wind of a rumor that Olneyville Discount Furniture (green awning) which currently occupies 3,000 -4,000 square feet of Atlantic Mills may be moving to Eagle Square. Run Away Jim wrote about a Projo article that says PriceRite will be moving from it’s current location adjacent to Atlantic

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Capital city’s growing pains

Dan Barbarisi has two stories in Thursday’s Projo, which capture some of the more interesting dynamics that have arisen as Providence tries to find itself, again. There’s his take on last night’s forum on waterfront development, which I wish I’d posted about ahead of time. I certainly sympathize with the concerns expressed by the “Working

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PPS director getting outta Dodge

  Ian tells us Jack Gold has had enough: Jack Gold, executive director of the Providence Preservation Society, is leaving to take a similar job at San Francisco Architectural Heritage. An announcement is expected later today. Gold, who came to PPS three years ago from Connecticut, tells N4N, “I’m really excited about it, but it’s

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