Watch Less TV

On January 1st, most Americans resolve annually to eat less/exercise more. But since a sizeable chunk of the Dose community appears to consist of skinny, kickball-playing hipsters, let’s skip to another top new year’s resolutions for many Americans: watching less TV. Here, let’s let The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy tell you why: [youtube]sgOWTM5R2DA[/youtube]

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They Tried To Make Us Go To Rehab (We Said No, No, No)

The New York Times reports today that people in Rhode Island like their illegal substances.  A lot. According to a study released in May by the Department of Health and Human Services, we have the second-highest cocaine usage in the country (after DC), the nation’s highest rate of alcohol consumption, and we apparently smoke more

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George Mitchell: pick your poison

Dave Zirin is a great radical sportswriter, with whom I don’t always agree. But yesterday he had this dead-on excoriation of George Mitchell, which includes a tidbit that I’ve been unaware of: In a report that excoriates a “steroid era” in the sport, there is no recommendation for Selig to resign. This shouldn’t surprise because

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Point/Counterpoint: The Holidays

Point/Counterpoint is a critically acclaimed and award-aspiring-to column that has appeared in such esteemed publications like The Agenda and Providence Monthly. ProvidenceDailyDose.com is its new home, and it is here to serve you. Point: Aren’t The Holidays A Wonderful Time Of The Year! By Eric Smith Hey John, It’s snowing!

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