Watch Less TV

On January 1st, most Americans resolve annually to eat less/exercise more. But since a sizeable chunk of the Dose community appears to consist of skinny, kickball-playing hipsters, let’s skip to another top new year’s resolutions for many Americans: watching less TV. Here, let’s let The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy tell you why: [youtube]sgOWTM5R2DA[/youtube]

They Tried To Make Us Go To Rehab (We Said No, No, No)

The New York Times reports today that people in Rhode Island like their illegal substances.  A lot. According to a study released in May by the Department of Health and Human Services, we have the second-highest cocaine usage in the country (after DC), the nation’s highest rate of alcohol consumption, and we apparently smoke more …

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Oh Yeah-

Senator Josh Miller, along with Reps Art Handy, Frank Ferri, Amy Rice, and Ray Sullivan all win contested races. Between the two chambers, it appears that our Progressive Caucus will nearly double in size. The transit bond and open space bond win big. Mass keeps the income tax, and lessens penalties for smoking pot.

Sally D legal Drugs

Eastbayri.com just posted an article about the hallucinogenic effects of salvia divinorum. Now, I have to tell you that back in college I bought salvia divinorum seeds online and did a little experimentation. I also have to tell you, that it had no effect whatsoever on me. I’m not going to tell you where to …

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George Mitchell: pick your poison

Dave Zirin is a great radical sportswriter, with whom I don’t always agree. But yesterday he had this dead-on excoriation of George Mitchell, which includes a tidbit that I’ve been unaware of: In a report that excoriates a “steroid era” in the sport, there is no recommendation for Selig to resign. This shouldn’t surprise because …

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