Because It’s Not Called Dangerous And Confusing Valley Parkway, Is It?

Sorry for the short notice about this–although if you read our comments maybe you know already–but there’s a meeting tonight at 6pm at Capitol Ridge (the senior high-rise on Smith Street across from St. Patrick’s) to talk about the possibility of making Pleasant Valley Parkway one-way.  We posted about this issue before and have heard […]

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The Plan Keeps Coming Up Again

Remember like a million years ago when the city ran charettes to come up with a plan for each neighborhood?  Well, the results for the Olneyville/Valley/Smith Hill and Elmhurst/Mount Pleasant plans are up.  I haven’t had a chance to fully read either one of them yet, though after a quick glance I was surprised to

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Another Pleasant Valley Parkway

[youtube]ltnhtOqVB1I[/youtube] Pleasant Valley Parkway, tucked behind Chalkstone Avenue, is one of the nicest things about Providence. Designed by Olmsted and Associates, it’s quiet and tree-filled and lined with some of the nicest houses in town. (And by nicest I mean most aesthetically pleasing, not just that they’re big. Although some of them are pretty spacious.)

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Elmhurst/Mount Pleasant Charrette Follow-Up

I didn’t realize my post about voting would stir up such a brouhaha from District 7 over the weekend–especially with certain people posting multiple comments using different names (ahem!)–but those of you who live in the Giannini/Ward battleground might be interested in attending the Elmhurst/Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Charrette Follow-Up Meeting Thing tomorrow evening at Robert

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Get Your Fargnoli Down To The Park Today

To get you in the mood for what I have to tell you, here’s a video of your girlfriend, Artemisbell, getting aboard the Fun Bus and heading out on the highway. [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRNj6AQjthQ] Ahhh, good times. Anyway.  I live in Elmhurst, the neighborhood that nobody’s ever heard of between Smith Hill and Mount Pleasant.  There’s a

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