Barn-raising: With Caulk Guns

In the Amish tradition, when one family needs help building their barn, the community lends a hand. Energy-efficiency barn-raisings are kicking off in Providence this Saturday, where 30+ volunteers will celebrate Halloween with insulation and CFLs. Through hands-on work, all participants will learn new skills to take back to their own homes in order to

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Out, Proud, And Extremely Loud

According to an article in Saturday’s ProJo, the City’s Board of Licenses has “indefinitely suspended” the entertainment license for Club Energy (69-71 Union St.), for repeated and excessive noise violations. The article details numerous noise issues and incidents, including one tenant who claims he had to “flee” his flat in hopeless desperation, how the developer

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Power to the People

People’s Power and Light (PP and L), a local non-profit dedicated to ‘making energy more affordable and sustainable’, is holding its annual meeting on Thursday, June 18, 2009 at 6pm at Save the Bay Center.  The meeting agenda is dominated by a panel discussion entitled “Federal Stimulus Funds and State Funds for Sustainable Energy”. PP

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Report back from Energy Solutions Expo

By Chris Kearns: The U.S. is facing one of its worst economic crises in decades, and as the investment, real estate, and automotive industries collapse, it appears that there’s no easy way to turn things around. There is however, a legitimate solution to fixing our ailing economy. That is through an investment in renewable energy.

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Net-Metering Regulations to Be Written Today

Self promotion, blah, blah… New net-metering regulations, which followed from legislation of which I was the lead sponsor, are being implemented today.  (Josh Miller did the heavy lifting on the Senate side.)  Net-metering ensures that developers of renewable technology get credited for the electricity that they generate, encouraging such development by making it much easier

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‘Energy projects could jolt R.I. back to life’

Another bit of momentum in the push for a green economy in Rhode Island. This op-ed by George Nee and Chris Wilhite comes out of a working group of enviro advocates and trades unionists that Sens Miller and Moura, RI Jobs With Justice, and I have been convening: At the same time, Rhode Island’s excessive

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More great news on the green jobs front!

This time from Steve Costantino, chairman of the House Finance Committee: We can also get Rhode Island involved in the growing green economy. Particularly with wind power, Rhode Island has both the natural resources and the existing economic base to become a wind-powered generator of electricity and a wind-power-technology producer. When Portsmouth Abbey installed its

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It’s strange to be so happy with the Projo

But I am. Go, Projo, go! Keep hammering away on the urgency of developing a renewables-based economy in Rhode Island. I’m really hopeful about many of the conversations happening at the Assembly this year — please stay tuned, and be on call to nag the hell out of your elected officials. We have the potential

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