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Tonight: IPod DJs and Regular DJs

On the last Tuesday of every month, the Armageddon Shop DJs break out their IPods and head to the E&O. What do they play? Um, hard to describe. When I caught them at the Fez last month it was some weirdo metal, some scary/awesome satanic stuff from Norway, probably, and I think they played some

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CFCFG returns to E&O

The Co-ed Fight Club for Girls returns to the E&O tap Monday, February 25th, 8pm-12am for a night of serious bar tending, booze, breasts, biceps and BRAND NEW OUTFITS (printed & designed by yours truly under CFCFG direction). So, put on your knee-highs, stuff some singles in your wallet, adjust your sweatbands and jog on

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