When You Walk In You’re American…

Sorry to be both a Last-Minute Larry and a Self-Promoting Samuel, but tonight Mr. Ben Legg and I will be hosting a big celebration of European pop music at the 201, to kick off Eurovision season. Eurovision, if you’re not aware, is this big pageant of schmaltz, wherein all the countries of Europe compete for […]

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Tacky Swedish Women Are Here To Brighten Your Afternoon

[youtube]ASRry6HQ54w[/youtube] It is Saturday and it is raining and you are miserable.  But to brighten your day, here are some beautiful Swedish women to sing in a foreign tongue at you. I just spent the last two hours watching the final of Melodifestivalen, which is this annual music competition thing wherein the people of Sweden

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Eurovision Tomorrow

Tomorrow marks one of my favorite days of the whole year: the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest.  Since 1954, the countries of Europe have competed annually for dominance through the power of campy spectacle.  Eurovision is where many classic tunes were first performed, including “Volare,” “Waterloo,” and “Ooh Ahh (Just A Little Bit).” [youtube]yOqtDtUEpVM[/youtube]

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Eurovision Starts Tonight

As an American, you have probably never heard of the Eurovision Song Contest, the mysteriously enduring annual competition where dated-sounding divas battle wretched crooners and novelty dance acts from across the continent that brought the world cuckoo clocks and Roberto Benigni. Over the years, Eurovision’s birthed a number of really classic three-minute pop songs, like

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