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Hoop Dreams

Wow. The basketball courts at Fargnoli Park on Smith Street have been repaired and repainted with results that should please both athletes and aesthetes. Which is to say: The courts look fabulous, and since the project came together through the efforts of Friends of Friars (and their newly created My Homecourt Providence), Friends of Fargnoli Park, […]

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Get Your Fargnoli Down To The Park Today

To get you in the mood for what I have to tell you, here’s a video of your girlfriend, Artemisbell, getting aboard the Fun Bus and heading out on the highway. [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRNj6AQjthQ] Ahhh, good times. Anyway.  I live in Elmhurst, the neighborhood that nobody’s ever heard of between Smith Hill and Mount Pleasant.  There’s a

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