Lightning Struck Itself

Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time listening to Television’s absolute classic Marquee Moon knows that it’s a life-changer. I first heard of it when reading the liner notes to a promo cassette (yes) for Matthew Sweet’s also-classic Girlfriend, where it made the top spot of Matthew’s “desert island discs”, and when I […]

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Bite The Curb

California Smile comes back to firehouse 13 for another round of epic instrumental rock and they have brought friends. Liquid Limbs, Babies in Limbo, & People of Color join in on the fun. California Smile, Liquid Limbs, Babies in Limbo & People of Color FHXIII November 10th 8PM $5

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Nov. 22nd – Loud Night #1 @ Firehouse 13

Saturday November 22nd 8pm $7 Loud Night #1 @ Firehouse 13 41 Central St Snowbird The Empire Shall Fall Bloodwitch Blackhorn we’re also trying something new. we’re tired of people not coming to shows because they have no cash. we are allowing people to buy tickets with their visa or mastercard (as well as with

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Chinese Stars, Awesome Brothers, Black Clouds @ FH13

Tonight at Firehouse 13 is an amazing lineup and probably your only chance to see these three great bands together. Most everyone’s aware of the Chinese Stars and their glass-shattering disco-spunk, not everyone’s as down with The Black Clouds, whose primal, belligerent garage rock is always pretty exhilarating. With them are the Awesome Brothers, who

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Fortune @ the Thresh*hold @ FHXIII

 CLOSING PARTY: FORTUNE @ the THRESH*HOLD FHXIII 11/28/07 7-11pm  Musics by:  Dylan Going Shallow Waters + Thunderpants = Shallowpants!!! DJ Scary Jurker + Zane Crochverie   maximum cockfuck: oral anal takedown coco cockweed shaketown delirious from penis slapsound no way, to promote today super sacreligious buttnoises

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Digital Poetry Series at FH XIII

Wednesday 11/7, 8pm Our monthly Digital Poetry Series continues: Humanola {enunciated assemblages} HoneyBeast {soma sonata} Ex-Soophie Nun Squad! Humanola is an artist and musician and poet living in Providence. “All [his] silvers were peutered, and [his] genitals were neutered” HoneyBeast is an artist and musician living in Providence. “Maralie left the bevy, singing.” Go to

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Dancy Pants: Providence Is Burning

Tonight is the latest intallment of the excellent monthly party Providence Is Burning. Getting back to their DJ roots, tonight’s lineup features Sammy Bananas (from Certified Bananas), Micah Jackson along with Willy Joy and Clique Claque. As always the throwdown takes place at Firehouse 13 Firehouse 13, 41 Central St. Providence 10pm, $5, 21+

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