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Four-Band Friday: Chris Monti CD Release Party

Rhode Island musician Chris Monti is busy as, well, a bee. In between state-wide solo gigs, local collaborations, and old-time-y tunes with The Yams at the Wintertime Farmer’s Market, he teams up with guitarist and keyboardist Jacob Haller and drummer Matt McLauren for two wildly different scenes: Americana/blues/rock band The Killdevils, who are about to …

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Awesome Collective Presents Transfiguration X 5

The Awesome Collective presents its inaugural performance event — TRANSFIGURATION X 5 — at 4pm Sunday, December 12, at Firehouse 13. Born in Spring 2010, the Awesome Collective explores new methods and vocabularies for cross-genre performance and cross-institutional collaboration. In this initial experiment—an artistic game of “telephone”—artists of numerous disciplines divided into collaborative teams. The …

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Lee Harvey Oswald Post Modern Makeout Party Tonight

Tonight at Firehouse 13, you can watch a bunch of graduates of the “Hey, let’s stick a bunch of words together and then call it a band” academy.  (Or maybe they just like the Band Name Generator?)  The Lee Harvey Oswald Post Modern Makeout Party, The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt (pictured) and Math The Band …

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TJR Presents Loud Night #8

TJR Presents Loud Night 8 August 14th 8pm $7 @ Firehouse 13 41 Central St Doomriders (boston, magic bullet/deathwish) Howl (now on Relapse) Night Horse (from LA, on Tee Pee Records) Javelina (from Philly, on Translation Loss Records) Zombifying Venom (x-As The Sun Sets)


Part of the excitement of swimming in the ocean is the terror of the unknown underneath the surface of our churning, murky Atlantic. When my sisters and I were kids paddling in the waves, we would always end up singing a cheery, musical ditty we made up that goes “Swimming in the ocean, drowning in …

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This Weekend In Music

Friday — @AS220, Stinking Lizaveta, Darsombra, Tides, and Lolita Black (Cancellation @Firehouse 13, no Essence of Pain tonight) @The Blackstone, Chelsy Lau Band with The Jesse Minute, Jeff Byrd and Dirty Finch @16, Vic Rawlings and Bryan Eubanks, Malcy Duff, Ashley Paul and Sakiko Mori, Leo Larmes Saturday — @The Blackstone, Sex Coffee w/Grand Army, …

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Tor Johnson Records Presents Loud Night #6

Loud night #6 May 31st 8pm $7 / $5.75 in advance at @ Firehouse 13 41 Central St Disappearer (on Magic Bullet/Trash Art) Sick Electric Gods & Queens (from Philly, on Robotic Empire) Millions (from Chicago, x-Small Brown Bike) Hollows

Go Out

Lupo’s — They Might Be Giants, Spray Paint Star Firehouse 13 — Wham Five Diagnosis: Closing Reception, Ghost Box Orchestra, Broken River Prophet & Ba-na-nas Jerky’s — Apathy, Poorly Drawn People, Labeless Intelligence (photo:Merlyn Towney)

Loud Night #3 – the matinee

Tor Johnson Records Presents Loud Night Matinee #3 Feb. 22nd 5pm $7 @ Firehouse 13 41 Central St w/ She Rides (come home show after a 45day tour) ghosting. (from VT) Rapid Cities (from NJ) Johnny Booth (from NJ) jesuscentric/Tabernackle (most holy of split sets) you can buy tickets with your credit card/paypal at …

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Mad About the Boy

Lose your mind at Firehouse 13 tonight with the Viennagram.  Succumb to this curious vaudeville/Weimar cabaret/ghoulrock amalgam, complete with honking brass section, dancing girls and the occasional oil painting.  (Of course any music I write about has to, above all, rock my ears off.) I have no idea what frontman AV Vienna might have on …

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