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Four-Band Friday: Chris Monti CD Release Party

Rhode Island musician Chris Monti is busy as, well, a bee. In between state-wide solo gigs, local collaborations, and old-time-y tunes with The Yams at the Wintertime Farmer’s Market, he teams up with guitarist and keyboardist Jacob Haller and drummer Matt McLauren for two wildly different scenes: Americana/blues/rock band The Killdevils, who are about to …

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Awesome Collective Presents Transfiguration X 5

The Awesome Collective presents its inaugural performance event — TRANSFIGURATION X 5 — at 4pm Sunday, December 12, at Firehouse 13. Born in Spring 2010, the Awesome Collective explores new methods and vocabularies for cross-genre performance and cross-institutional collaboration. In this initial experiment—an artistic game of “telephone”—artists of numerous disciplines divided into collaborative teams. The …

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Lee Harvey Oswald Post Modern Makeout Party Tonight

Tonight at Firehouse 13, you can watch a bunch of graduates of the “Hey, let’s stick a bunch of words together and then call it a band” academy.  (Or maybe they just like the Band Name Generator?)  The Lee Harvey Oswald Post Modern Makeout Party, The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt (pictured) and Math The Band …

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TJR Presents Loud Night #8

TJR Presents Loud Night 8 August 14th 8pm $7 @ Firehouse 13 41 Central St Doomriders (boston, magic bullet/deathwish) Howl (now on Relapse) Night Horse (from LA, on Tee Pee Records) Javelina (from Philly, on Translation Loss Records) Zombifying Venom (x-As The Sun Sets)


Part of the excitement of swimming in the ocean is the terror of the unknown underneath the surface of our churning, murky Atlantic. When my sisters and I were kids paddling in the waves, we would always end up singing a cheery, musical ditty we made up that goes “Swimming in the ocean, drowning in …

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This Weekend In Music

Friday — @AS220, Stinking Lizaveta, Darsombra, Tides, and Lolita Black (Cancellation @Firehouse 13, no Essence of Pain tonight) @The Blackstone, Chelsy Lau Band with The Jesse Minute, Jeff Byrd and Dirty Finch @16, Vic Rawlings and Bryan Eubanks, Malcy Duff, Ashley Paul and Sakiko Mori, Leo Larmes Saturday — @The Blackstone, Sex Coffee w/Grand Army, …

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Tor Johnson Records Presents Loud Night #6

Loud night #6 May 31st 8pm $7 / $5.75 in advance at @ Firehouse 13 41 Central St Disappearer (on Magic Bullet/Trash Art) Sick Electric Gods & Queens (from Philly, on Robotic Empire) Millions (from Chicago, x-Small Brown Bike) Hollows

Go Out

Lupo’s — They Might Be Giants, Spray Paint Star Firehouse 13 — Wham Five Diagnosis: Closing Reception, Ghost Box Orchestra, Broken River Prophet & Ba-na-nas Jerky’s — Apathy, Poorly Drawn People, Labeless Intelligence (photo:Merlyn Towney)

Noise and Noisy Music

The Wham Five Diagnoses music series continues tonight at Firehouse 13. Last night was awesome and tonight should be awesome-er. Wham Five Diagnoses: The Music Series #2 Frieida Abtan Chrome Jackson (ex Arab on Radar, currently of Athletic Automaton) Fat Worm of Errorr Firehouse 13 41 Central Street 10pmish $5 photo from: THIS/REALLY/HAPPENED/OK

Loud Night #3 – the matinee

Tor Johnson Records Presents Loud Night Matinee #3 Feb. 22nd 5pm $7 @ Firehouse 13 41 Central St w/ She Rides (come home show after a 45day tour) ghosting. (from VT) Rapid Cities (from NJ) Johnny Booth (from NJ) jesuscentric/Tabernackle (most holy of split sets) you can buy tickets with your credit card/paypal at …

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Mad About the Boy

Lose your mind at Firehouse 13 tonight with the Viennagram.  Succumb to this curious vaudeville/Weimar cabaret/ghoulrock amalgam, complete with honking brass section, dancing girls and the occasional oil painting.  (Of course any music I write about has to, above all, rock my ears off.) I have no idea what frontman AV Vienna might have on …

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Ear Whacks

Tonight at the clubs: AS220, Corleone Records Presents WEIRD BLOOD an evening of celebration with Mahi Mahi, The Body, Badman, Uke of Space Corners, Fang Island, and Dj Chub Firehouse 13, Music for crying out loud. Bangalore, Srinivas Reddy, Too Big to Fail The Blackstone, Broke Down Serenade, Route .44, Kris Hansen’s Left Hand Band

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