CFCFG @ e&o

just when you thought it was safe!! the co-ed fight club for girls return (again) to e&o monday, june 9th, 8pm-12am for yet another brutal night of biceps, bruises and beer. i’m pretty sure there’ll be free food, new faces, ridonk sweatsuits, and possibly the world premiere of CFCFG’s very own potentially embarrassing/undoubtedly outrageous dance

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co-ed fight club

As someone who was voted ‘most likely to twist her ankle’ in high school I can’t identify with this activity at all. I have been known to injure myself squeezing out a sponge. This morning’s ProJo has an article about the Co-ed Fight Club for Girls at the E&O Tap. (Unfortunately Monday is my Scrabble

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when it’s time to party…

I have never really been told what my responsibilities are supposed to be around here, but I know I’m the go-to gal for all things ‘Andrew W.K.’ and here’s the latest. It seems the talented boys over at Lucid T.V. have executed a couple of Andrew-themed comic strips, one of which has elaborated a new

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